10 Best Free Video Editing Tools for Windows & Mac

Video editing tools are effectively used for creating top-quality, professional-level videos. They are good at editing birthday party videos, wedding movies, game videos, travel clips, and business marketing videos.

The best in the lot will help you create Hollywood-level video content without being heavy on your pocket. Well, as a beginner, you must test the waters before investing in any expensive tool.

These tools can either be a hit or a miss, with some of them offering basic-level features while others are providing advanced-level attributes. So, think before you go for one! The best is to consider your editing requirements and then decide on the tool that will work for you.

  1. Filme Video Editor

Perfect for editing and transforming slides as clips and matching the right template for your intended media, Filme is one editing tool you must surely have your hands on. The auto-create functionality of this tool can match the right template to your media.

You can also use it for uploading videos to different platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Other important features of the editor include track separation, voice changer, and automatic heavy chain. It even comes with all basic editing functionalities like merge, import, slow motion, split, and crop.

  1. Lightworks

It’s the super-intuitive and simple interface of this tool that makes it the best in the lot. Picking up the use of this editor is easy for the users. It even features a selection of in-depth tutorials to make it easier for its users to learn and access the tool.

This online video editing assistor boasts of a suite of top-quality and original music clips and stock videos licensed to be used in any video. Thus, you can offer a polished appearance and feel to all your marketing videos.

  1. InVideo

This free online video editoris superb at editing almost any kind of video. It enables users to edit their videos directly from their browsers. This further avoids all the clutter and tussle that comes from the use of offline video editors.

Boasting 35,000+ video templates along with more than 3 million pictures in its standard media library, this video editor is undoubtedly the beast of an editing platform. And yes, all your edited videos will be free of watermarks. Isn’t this the coolest feature of the tool?

  1. VideoPad

Yet another great free editing tool for individuals looking to create top-quality videos without spending much time, VideoPad offers the easiest and simplest to use features. The 3D video editing feature of this tool, along with its sound effects media library, is something you cannot miss out on.

It is one tool that enables users to try out varied video styles and compositions, all thanks to its plethora of editing features. Users are free to edit their videos using overlays, special effects, transitions, and texts, along with sound effects and color adjustment.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Experienced professionals widely use this industry-standard video editing tool for making short films, movies, commercials, and YouTube videos. The tool supports 4K, 8K, and VR video formats with its editing and trimming features offering users high-level control and precision.

Adobe Premiere Pro lets you work on innumerable video tracks, and its automatic sync feature will make it convenient for you to handle multi-angle shots. The tool also boasts good collaboration attributes and keyboard shortcuts that can easily be customized.

  1. HitFilm Express

For beginners with little to no experience in video editing, HitFilm Express would be the best video editing tool. This video editor is best used for making Hollywood-grade footage, and even the most amateur users will soon become pro at using the tool.

It comes with animation tools allowing users to edit and make video and audio transitions without creating composite shots. Thus, you can save a huge amount of time in editing your recorded videos.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

This customer-level editing tool is rich in features and is available in both paid and free versions. The high quality and professional-grade features of this editor will help you make some of the best videos without spending much time and effort.

It comes with several video correction and stabilization tools along with multicam editing, professional effects, easy trimming, and motion tracking. Users can even enjoy 360-degree editing along with support for different file formats and standards.

  1. DaVinci Resolve

This video editing tool binds audio post-production, visual effects, color correction, and professional quality 8K editing in one. It is only because it is the editor of choice for a large number of professional film, commercial, and TV show editors.

The best thing about this platform is that it makes way for both online and offline editing. The high-performance audio engine of this tool saves time in trimming and editing videos. And yes, the editing can be done for all processor-intensive file formats as well. These include RAW and H.264.

  1. Pinnacle Studio

Want a capable video editing tool that is easy on your brain and your hands. You do not have to look further if you have bumped at Pinnacle Studio. This is a super-simple editor that is worth considering by the ones who have never edited videos in their life.

The tool comes loaded with a plethora of titles, templates, and around 1500 special effects. The 6-track video HD video editing potential of this tool makes it popular among video editing enthusiasts. Additionally, you will find a fully committed stop motion feature, color correction tools, and time remapping.

  1. OpenShot

It is the easy-to-use user interface of this editing tool that makes it the best for beginners. Of course, the more complex platforms out there might come with more editing elements, but the editing results from OpenShot are unmatchable. Its minimal design works perfectly for easy and simple editing.


It always makes good sense to go for professional quality and feature-rich video editing tools. Considering the importance of videos in business marketing, more and more marketers are going to use these tools. As such, there are newer and better versions of the same tools coming up in the market.



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