10 popular language projects using WebAssembly

Today’s web applications aren’t as fast and responsive as native desktop applications, but what if that’s possible? That’s a promise. WebAssembly..

WebAssembly is a compact binary low-level assembly-like language that runs in a web browser with near-native performance. At the same time, WebAssembly provides portable compilation targets for C / C ++, C #, Rust, Go, Kotlin, Swift, and other programming languages.

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Welcomed as a way to improve the performance of web applications and allow languages ​​other than JavaScript to be used to develop browser apps, WebAssembly is endorsed by Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft, all in the browser engine. Supports the technology of.

WebAssembly has led to the development of a variety of new technologies, including a whole new programming language that harnesses its power. Below are 10 language projects that have made big bets on WebAssembly.


Binaryen is a compiler toolchain infrastructure library for WebAssembly. Written in C ++, Binaryen aims to make compiling to WebAssembly easy, effective, and fast. It has a C API in a single header and can be used from JavaScript. Input is accepted in a WebAssembly-like format, but common control graphs are also accepted by compilers that prefer it.

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10 popular language projects using WebAssembly

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