11 Times Celebrities Dazzled Us With Brilliant Sapphires

Gemstones are the unsung heroes of beautiful engagement rings and the brilliant sister to the diamond. Of all the colored gemstones, the sapphire is among the most valuable. Sapphires are also a celebrity favorite and were widely prized by royalty, famous generals, and collectors.

11 of the World’s Most Famous Sapphires 

Sapphires have always been one of the most sought-after gemstones. From sapphire and diamond bracelets to the real Heart of the Ocean, here are the 11 most famous sapphires. 

1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement right is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world, but her love of this deep blue gem didn’t stop there. Her sapphire jewelry collection, which includes a pair of earrings, a bracelet, ring, and watch, is now valued at £20million.

2. Kate Middleton

It’s common knowledge that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana. Prince Harry gave Prince William their mother’s ring so that it could be gifted to Princess Kate on their wedding day. This incredibly touching gesture was featured in the tabloids for months.

3. Queen Elizabeth II

When Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 65th year on the throne and her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017, she wore a matching necklace and earring set. The set featured cushion-cut sapphires surrounded by small, elegantly placed diamonds. These pieces were truly fit for a Queen.

4. Kate Florence Phillips

Shortly before Kate Florence Phillips and Henry Samuel Morley eloped on their ill-fated trip to America on the Titanic, Morley presented Philips with “The Love of the Sea.” Like her fictional counterpart, the necklace (“Heart of the Ocean”) and Philips survived, but Morely did not.

5. Kate Holmes

Kate Holmes prefers to wear sapphire jewelry above all else and is often seen in a similar matching set. She famously wore sapphire and diamond studs on her wedding day and tended to wear her classically beautiful earrings to several red carpet events after her honeymoon.

6. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is a fan of chunky necklaces, but none were more chunky and expensive as her ruby, emerald, sapphire, and diamond necklace. She wore this piece several times, but two of their most famous appearances were at a red carpet event and movie premiere.

7. Mary-Kate Olsen

A few years ago, Mary-Kate Olsen was seen with a vintage Cartier engagement ring that includes sapphires and diamonds in a flower-petal setting. This ring features a 4-carat European cut diamond, 16 Calibre cut blue sapphires, and 1.5-carats worth of diamonds on the petals.

8. Elizabeth Taylor

Before Princess Diana’s engagement ring took first place, Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning sapphire and diamond ring was considered the most famous piece of celebrity jewelry. This ring was so renowned that jewelers worked overtime to keep up with custom requests for a similar piece.

9. Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren is another celebrity that can’t get enough of this precious jewel. She has numerous matching sets that include earrings and necklaces. At the Golden Globes, Helen Mirren brought out her pear-shaped sapphire necklace for the occasion, wowing millions.

10. Elizabeth Hurley

It’s rare to see pink or yellow sapphires, even on celebrities, but Elizabeth Hurley brought out the big guns when she wore her incredible pear-shaped solitaire pendant at a red carpet event. The pink sapphire necklace elegantly draped down, accenting her gown and earrings.

11. Jenny McCarthy

Speaking of yellow sapphires. Jenny McCarthy dazzled everyone when she showed up wearing her diamond-encrusted engagement ring with a 10 carat yellow sapphire in the center set in 18 karats of white gold. This gift from her then-fiance now-husband, Donnie Wahlberg, is stunning.

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