13 Top Professions to Get in Florida

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is located in southeast America and is a fantastic work destination. It has many job opportunities, and one is confident of a fulfilling working experience from working in Florida. The biggest employers in Florida are trade, transportation, health services, government, and hospitality. There are also key players to get into, such as real estate and insurance, which give the industry a lot of economic output. This article will discuss some top professions you can get in Florida.

Top Professions to Get in Florida

1. Oral and Facial Surgeons

Oral and facial surgeons specialize in treating problems connected to the hard and soft jaw, mouth, and facial tissues. Some of these surgeons work in hospitals, but most of them have their private office settings due to the increased demand for their craft. An oral and facial surgeon earns about $200,000 at entry-level, and with experience in the corporate ladder, they can earn up to $280,000 on average.

2. Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine that embarks on the intensive care of patients from the start to the end of surgical operations. This branch of medicine deals with emergency medicine, intensive care, anaesthesia, and pain medicine. Healthcare is one of the most prominent professions in Florida, and the market is somewhat insatiable. An entry-level anesthesiologist earns around $85,000, but with the experience, they can earn up to $270,000. You can check out some professional essay writers at CustomWritings for assistance in writing your campus essays and papers if you are studying any of these professions.

3.Obstetrics and gynecology

Obstetricians and gynecologists are medical experts who treat female reproductive systems such as pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum complications. They can manage and perform high-risk operations. They can also perform caesareans and interventions. The entry-level salary for this profession in Florida is $128,000, and with experience, the average cost goes to about $250,000.

4. Orthodontist

This is a dentist specializing in other body parts such as nerves, jaws, gums, teeth, and the mouth. The speciality of this profession entails diagnosing, preventing, and correcting the position of misaligned teeth. This profession also treats facial growths known as dentofacial patterns. This profession pays an average of $140,000 and an average of $240,000 with experience in the industry.

5. Pilots and Flight Engineers

This is an exciting profession where pilots and flight engineers are responsible for hauling passengers and cargo on long and short flights. They help each other with operating the controls to avoid fatigue. There is a high demand for pilots and flight engineers in Florida due to the increased demand for travel. At entry-level, people in this profession earn an average of $100,000 and $230,000 with experience.

6. Family medicine

This is an emerging branch of medicine that deals with individuals and deals with the comprehensive care of the family. It cuts across all ages, genders, and diseases. The doctors that practice family medicine specialize in social, behavioral, and biological sciences. Family medicine practitioners earn an average of $220,000 and have a starting salary of around $102,000. You can hire our reliable paper writing services for professional papers on family medicine.

7.  Financial manager

A financial manager is responsible for overseeing critical financial decisions in an institution or company. They manage profit projections and finance reports. To make a competent financial manager, one must pay a lot of attention to detail. One must also help other members of the firm to understand the jargon behind the complex reports. Financial managers earn an average of $190,000 and have a starting salary of around $60,000.

8.Marketing managers

Marketing managers are responsible for promoting brands and managing the products and services offered by a company. By creating brand awareness, marketing managers can create marketing campaigns and attract customers to a brand. Marketing managers make up to $180,000 in a year.

9.Judges and magistrates

Judges, advocates, and magistrates oversee court proceedings by adjudicating, advising, and administering justice in a court of law. Judges and magistrates sentence or acquit a defendant accordingly, depending on the facts presented to them by prosecutors. They use government statutes and regulations and follow the guidelines to arrive at fair conclusions. Magistrates and judges earn an average of $175,000 and an entry-level of about $130,000.

10. Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and Engineering is a discipline that deals with the planning, construction, and design of buildings. It also deals with the analysis of integrated design and analysis of environmental systems. This profession is at the forefront when it comes to making resilient buildings in the 21st century. The average salary in this profession is about $150,000.

11.Information system managers

Information system managers take care of the computer networks in a company. One has to be conversant with technical support and operations to be an information systems manager. Here you will also be in charge of data administrators, programmers, and technicians. You will have to research and install new networks, implement new technologies and evaluate user needs and functionalities. An information system manager earns an average of $140,000 a year.

12. Post-secondary law teacher

Post-secondary law teachers focus on teaching and research. They deliver lectures on law and government, facilitate classroom discussions, and conduct research on fields of government pertinent to the class curriculum. On average, post-secondary teachers earn an average of $135,000 a year.

13. Podiatrist

This is a physician, also known as a foot and ankle surgeon. They specialize in treating disorders of the lower extremities, mainly the foot and ankle. This is a new booming profession in Florida. On average, these surgeons earn about $130,000, and they gross an average of $54,000 at entry-level.

As you can see, Florida is a very conducive work destination for many reasons. There are many career prospects one can take up. The economic input is very high, and this, in turn, transcends into high-income earnings and an improved standard of living. The state is also business-friendly, giving opportunities to new ventures and startups.


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