14 Things You Should Know About Data Storage Management

“There is no’universal’solution when it comes to data storage,” said Orlando Scott Cowley, messaging, security, and storage evangelist. Mimecast, Cloud and mobile data storage and security providers.

“Companies must first understand the amount and type of data, as well as the motivations for storing it,” before deciding where and how to store structured and unstructured data, “Cowley said. say. “This background helps us build on-premises solutions, move to the cloud, or choose a combination of the two.

So how do you develop that sound data storage management strategy? asked dozens of storage and data management experts. The results provided the top 14 suggestions on the steps needed to choose the right data storage solution for your organization and how to properly protect your data. Protected and available.

1. Know the data

“Not all data is created the same. Understanding the business value of data is important for defining a storage strategy,” he said.

Souvik Choudhury, Senior Director, Product Management SunGard Availability Service.. Therefore, when developing a data storage management policy, ask the following questions:

  • If data is lost, how soon do I need to get it back?

  • How fast do you need to access your data?

  • How long do you need to retain your data?

  • How safe do you need to be?

  • What regulatory requirements do I need to comply with?

2. Don’t ignore unstructured data

“Think about how to combine multi-structured data in transactional systems with semi-structured or unstructured data such as mail servers and network file systems,” said Aaron Rosenbaum, director of product management. I am. MarkLogic, Database solution provider. “Make sure you can combine all these types on your data management platform without months or years of data modeling work.”

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14 Things You Should Know About Data Storage Management

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