14-year-old teen hired by SpaceX after graduating from Santa Clara University

San Francisco (cron) — 14-year-old Kailan Kuadji just made history as the youngest graduate ever from the University of Santa Clara. The Bay Area wonder child has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering and has completed graduate-level courses in Machine Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence.

So what’s next for Quazi?

“Next stop is…SpaceX!!!” I accepted a position as a software engineer at one of the coolest companies on the planet. Thank you for continuing to watch my crazy journey! ” Quasi wrote in a post to himself. instagram pagewhich included a screenshot of his SpaceX job posting.

This summer, he plans to move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Washington with his biggest supporter, his mother Julia, to join SpaceX’s Starlink team, according to reports. mercury news.

Quazy is not only very talented, he also showed an impressive resume during a SpaceX job interview. He is an intern at his Human AI Lab at Intel Labs, working on advances in an open-source predictive speech generation platform. He is also fluent in multiple programming languages.

SpaceX was “one of the rare companies that didn’t use my age as an arbitrary, outdated proxy for maturity and ability,” Quasi wrote.

Here, Kairan Quazi, who was 10 years old in 2019, is seen on KRON4 news.

Quasi wrote that her dream is to “have a career that tackles tough problems and makes radical innovations for the common good.” Outside of his studies, the Pleasanton-born prodigy enjoys practicing martial arts, he said.

At age 10, Quazi appeared on Nexstar’s KRON and talked about going to college young. (You can watch the full interview in the video player above).

“He can code in 12 languages. I don’t think I’m smart enough to ask you questions,” said KRON news anchor Darya Folsom. “It’s kind of scary. How did you get into college when you were only nine years old?”

Quasi explained that she had to pass a series of assessment tests before being admitted to Las Pocitas Community College in the East Bay. At that time, he still attended regular fourth grade classes during the day and college classes at night.

Quasi told KRON that her much older classmates thought she was cute and couldn’t help but take pictures in class.

He laughed that although he made friends and adjusted well in college, his parents didn’t help him with his homework. Santa Clara University officials said despite his genius status, the teenager actually considers himself a “normal person.”

https://fox40.com/news/national-and-world-news/teen-14-hired-by-spacex-after-graduating-from-santa-clara-university/ 14-year-old teen hired by SpaceX after graduating from Santa Clara University

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