2 Medics fired were assigned to the Medical Research Center

Frederick, Maryland – According to his work records, a naval medic who shot and injured two U.S. sailors before being killed by police at a nearby army base was assigned to the Naval Medical Research Center in Maryland for nearly two years. Was done.

After the shooting on Tuesday, Fantahun Gilma Waldesenbet, 38, and the two men he shot were all assigned to Frederick’s Fort Detrick, officials said.

According to Woldesenbet’s service records, he enlisted in September 2012 and most recently reported to Frederick’s Naval Medical Research Center in August 2019. Meanwhile, he worked at a military facility in San Antonio, Texas. Camp Rejeune, North Carolina. Corpus Christi, Texas; Bremerton, WA; Portsmouth, Virginia.

Woldesenbet has been awarded the Good Conduct Strip, the National Defense Service Medal, and the War on Terrorism Medal of Honor, his records show. It lists his rank as Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class.

One of the injured sailors was released from Baltimore Hospital on Tuesday afternoon, but the other was in crisis, military officials said in a Navy Twitter account.


The Navy says it has sent a “special psychiatric rapid intervention team” to Fort Detrick to provide mental health services to the people at the base.

Authorities have not disclosed possible motives for the shootings in warehouses rented by the Naval Medical Research Center and the Department of Biological Defense to store research supplies and equipment. The property is located in Riverside Tech Park, an office park a few miles from the base.

“We’re still trying to sort out a stack of paper … trying to figure out exactly what the motive is,” Frederick Police Lieutenant Andrew Alcorn said on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Gregory Jackson, a pastor at the Army base, told the Fort Detrick community in a Facebook post that the shooting “leaved a lot of questions and what was the biggest reason?”

“Why did this person choose to do what he did?” He asked. “I wish I had answers to these questions, but I don’t always know why.”


Woldesenbet shot a sailor with a rifle. Then he drove to the base, where the guards at the gate, given advance notice, told him to pull him for a search, Brig said. General Michael Tully. However, Woldesenbet quickly speeded up and entered the installation about 0.5 miles before being parked in the parking lot by base police. Police shot him to death when he pulled out his weapon, Tally said.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Tally refused to more specifically identify the facility where the first shooting took place or explain the work done there.

Fort Detrick has the military’s main biodefense laboratories and several federal civilian biodefense laboratories. Approximately 10,000 military and civilian personnel work at bases, including approximately 1,300 acres (526 hectares) in Frederick.

Woldesenbet lived in Frederick’s apartment a few miles from the shooting site. Police closed the apartment on Tuesday afternoon, and neighbors reported seeing authorities escorting his wife and children from the building.

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2 Medics fired were assigned to the Medical Research Center

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