2021 Fall / Winter Color Trends

Incorporate the outstanding colors of these seasons into your home, fashion and beauty routines.

As autumn and winter approach, you may want to adapt your beauty routines, styles, and home decor. Seasonal changes.. To help guide you Pantone Color Institute We have released a fashion color trend report from 2021 to 2022.

Pantone Executive Director Reatrice AIDSMAN said: Color Institute.

The Color Report offers an outstanding range of colors in the top 10 of these seasons, as four core classic fashion designers are expected to introduce them into their new Fall / Winter collection.

Here are some of our favorite bold shades.

Mykonos blue

Description: “A bright blue reminiscent of the Aegean Sea.”

Give it a try: This sea color makes it an elegant outfit that can be combined with white or black. To get an impressive look, consider adding silver or gold accessories to match the boldness of this color. Not only is this the perfect color for a swimsuit, it also makes it a stunning flowing dress.


Description: “Friendly, fun, optimistic yellow that offers the promise of a sunny day.”

Give it a try: Summer is over, but the yellow color is still there. The natural brightness of the colors not only brightens the look, but also provides a friendly and friendly look.


Description: “Leprechaun is a mysterious shade of green that symbolizes the mythical imp of Irish folklore.”

Give it a try: If you’re lucky, consider adding green to your look. If not, why not in your living room? Bold and rich evergreen rugs may be the perfect accent that your home lacks.

Fuchsia Fedora

Description: “Vivid Fuchsia Fedora is a fascinating, frivolous and bold pink.”

Try it: Nothing screams more confident than hot pink lips. Consider wearing a subdued color such as nude or white and finish your lookoff with your favorite bright pink lipstick to add flare and chic pop to your look.


Description: “Rhodonite is a balanced blue-based purple that helps you achieve your best potential.”

Give it a try: This color is perfect for that important work or school presentation. Whenever you need to look professional, this is a great shade to incorporate into your outfit. Wear this color in a simple outfit or dress and then pair it with hanging earrings.



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2021 Fall / Winter Color Trends

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