2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Here are some of our ideas for the top as you are planning to spread love this holiday season Gift give.


Available from $ 99

And Amazon

(Also at Skimlinks)

From walking your dog to watching sports games, stay warm this winter with Mozy! Mozy is the ultimate cold weather blanket. Created by a thermodynamic engineer, Mozy has been tested to be 500% warmer than a traditional stadium blanket, thanks to its innovative convection heat loss insulation design, plush toys, heavy fleece interior, and weatherable outer shell. it was done.

Honey Dew Sleep

Available for $ 99 &Amazon

(Also at Skimlinks)

This holiday season ensures that you and your loved ones get the best sleep ever with Honeydew Sleep pillows. Between the side pillows, travel pillows and body pillows, there are the most comfortable products for resting melons. From customizable designs to American-made origin stories, this pillow is made with the utmost care to get a better night’s sleep. It even has a copper-injected foam fill that has natural antibacterial properties that keep the pillow fresh and cool every night.

Holos skin care

Available at, ranging from $ 44 to $ 57

Holos Skincare knows exactly what you need. This is especially true for those who suffer from psoriasis all year round and need additional comfort and healing. The product is vegan, non-abuse, environmentally friendly and plant based. These three gems do the tricks for all your skin care needs.

  • This will get more and better butter– Award-winning butter cream for the treatment and maintenance of dry, inflamed skin. Rich in organic shea butter and cocoa butter, it can be used generously on dry skin on the face, hands, body and feet for immediate relief.
  • This is more hyaluronic acid serum for the face and eyes– A pure, ultra-hydrated hyaluronic acid serum containing aloe vera and cucumber that can be used daily on the face, around the eyes and on the neck. Superhydration that binds to water and traps inside cells to make thin lines plump and smooth.
  • Supernatural Activities, Pre & Probiotics Splits – Pure botanical power infused with frankincense, lavender and sweet orange. A good pH-balanced bacterium to help maintain skin immunity and fight Maskon! Relieves inflammation, rosacea and acne.

Buddha board

Available for $ 34.95 And Amazon

The Buddha Board is a screenless way to spend a calm time and reach a state of healthy mindfulness. This unique product will help you reset your mental state from an overstimulated state to a calm and peaceful state. The Buddha board is a blank sheet of paper created by simply immersing the brush in water.

Hanukkah, Bench Mensh

Available for $ 29.99

Hanukkah’s alternative to the elf on the shelf! Celebrate Hanukkah’s 8 nights with Mensh with Bench Family products and add Hanukkah to Hanukkah. Moshe the Mensch and his family have a mission to encourage others to enjoy and laugh while teaching the importance of holidays through a variety of educational and exciting storybooks. is.


Available for $ 19.95

TripTech is a product that makes life easier this holiday season. This sophisticated device attaches to the back of your phone so you can fly hands-free movies, easily follow online recipes, navigate GPS in the car, and take selfies. It has four different ways of standing and arranging. You can do much more without the hassle and loss of grip.

Uber Appliance Portable Mini Refrigerator

Available for $ 60 &Amazon

(Also at Skimlinks & ShareA Sale)

Uber Appliance’s Uber Chill Portable Mini Refrigerator is perfect for home, bathroom, home gym, office, man cave, garage and even on the go with built-in handle and 12v car plug. It is also lightweight and convenient to carry. Great for long road trips and camping. The refrigerator is compact yet spacious and can hold up to 6 cans. The mini fridge can be used for healthy snacks and drink storage, natural makeup product storage, next camping trip and more.

Small batch

Available for $ 90.99

Small batches are a classic Garrison Brothers expression and are perfect for celebrating daily whiskey. It’s all rich and good about bourbon, without bites. Every year, a new vintage of this 94 proof shipper is released, perfect for collectors and anyone who wants to try something new. Garrison Brothers is dedicated to making better bourbon every day than the day before. This means that bourbon drinkers can expect a better bottle of Garrison Brothers with every purchase.

Can be eaten

Available from $ 8.99

(Also at Skimlinks)

This delicious treat is a perfect snack for a holiday festival or a fun gift for happy hour lovers. EATABLE is an adult popcorn featuring sophisticated notes on your favorite alcohol-free cocktails.

A spoon full of the desired gift box

Available for $

Second Harvest Food Bank’s Multi-Product Signature Food Line! Entertain your friends and family with this amazing Holiday Gift Box, which includes a Spoonful of Hope Apron, 16 oz. A jar of tomato basil soup, 16 ounces. A jar of honey, and a classic shortbread cookie. Items can also be purchased individually online. You also have the option of including a holiday card to explain that the donation to the hunger relief was made in honor of the recipient in order to close the deal.

Magformer Backyard Adventure Set

$ 74.99, Available at

click! connection! create! Includes Magformers Backyard Adventure 61Pc set. Build a magnetic house and invite all your friends to the party! Build a house and build a playground! Add your favorite characters such as Max, Maggie and Minibot. Where will your imagination take you! ?? Contains an idea booklet.Age: 3 years and over

Socially twisted game

Available for $ 25

From Florida and a female-owned small business, this is a great adult party game with new packs for kids coming out just in time for the holidays. SOCIALLY TWISTED ™ is a new and epic party card game and app. Use story cards and word cards to create twisted stories and compete with your friends and family. It’s fast, funny, wacky, competitive, and guaranteed to stay cracked down by everyone! Great for parties, holidays, and pandemics – players create and share edgy stories from story cards and six words, and vote for “twist winners or losers” depending on their perspective. 17 years old and over.

Creatto: Aurora polar bears and winter companions

Available for $ 9.95

Create, play and view using Creatto, a unique series of illuminated 3D puzzle kits. A simple yet versatile building system consists of two parts that can be quickly and easily joined together to form a myriad of 3D works. Each Creatto kit contains a set of LED lights for four different configurations and a language-independent assembly procedure. For more kits, please visit For 8 years and older.

Exit: Cursed Labyrinth

Available for $ 14.95

EXIT: The game can bring the excitement, intensity and team spirit of the escape room to the living room. In each EXIT game, the team is trapped in a fictitious room, trapped somewhere, or tasked with solving a mystery. To unlock doors and objects and reveal new riddles, you need to solve a series of riddles and puzzles. Each correct solution leads you to another mystery and ultimately to your freedom. For more sets, please visit For ages 10 and up | Players: 1-4 | Playing time: 1-2 hours | Difficulty: 2 out of 5 stars


2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

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