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Robots have appeared in movies dating back to 1907, “The Statue of Machines and Creative Servants,” proving that movie fans are as old as the movie itself at the crossroads of humanity and technology.There is a time when the field of robotics is steadily advancing and AI has become a part of the daily lives of many people. The entire genre dedicated to robot movies.. But most appealing are the different ways Hollywood portrays robots, cyborgs, and AI on the screen.

Robots are often the heroes of their own story. Symbolic robots like Wall-E, Chappie, and even Sonny in “I, Robot” are not only great, but also wonderfully human in their actions. They transcend programmed directives and sometimes become sympathetic characters in opposition to the humans who created them — and for good reason. Humans tend to be real monsters in movies about robots. This is primarily due to the inability of humans to accept technology designed for one purpose.

But robots can also be bad guys. Just as filmmakers enjoy juxtaposing robot innocence with human characters and indulging in the worst behaviour, they also love to provide stories of fraudulent technology. Just by looking at the power-mad HAL of 2001: A Space Odyssey, we can see our collective horror that technology may one day betray its creator and try to rob us. increase.

Whether you like cheering for robots or the story of a robot that shakes your spine, this list of the best robot movies has a robot parable for everyone. Some caveats: I’ve also included dematerialized AI characters and cyborgs in this list because I just felt it was wrong to exclude things like HAL and Alita from this list. Ultimately, they all face the same human prejudice and fear. It’s just that some are misunderstood and some aren’t really useful. Are you ready to dive into some robot classics (and future classics)? Read our pick for the best robot movies out there.

23 Best Robot Movies | Pop Sugar Entertainment

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