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The profession of clowns is to bring the coveted joy to the world, but it is advisable not to point out everything. Horrible clown of Classic horror movie.. After all, why can’t those red noses and demonic grin justify the allegations?

The freaky clown movies include blockbuster classics like Stephen King’s “It.” It has been applied to the screen twice, in 1990 and 2017. Both versions feature the horrific abuse of Pennywise, the devil’s clown entity that makes you forever, hating storm drainage, Red balloon..On the other side of the spectrum, the genre is filled with Low budget cult favorites — Think of “All Hallows’ Eve,” which inspired the world of terripher slasher movies featuring Art the Clown.

Creepy clown characters are not as common in horror movies as ghosts and demons, but they are a variety of established genres. You will sometimes come across a wide range of clowns that reveal the truth about the human condition. Clowns like The Joker’s Arthur Freck have more complex motivations based on social dysfunction, while other clowns like Pennywise are just a manifestation of evil. Obviously, most movie clowns aren’t just for clowns.

First, take a look at the most horrifying clown movies that the horror genre must offer. Get ready for a serious maniac make-up and a high-pitched laugh. Don’t say you didn’t warn!

25 Scary Clown Movies | Pop Sugar Entertainment

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