26 movies like Harry Potter

Harry potter Not only a living boy, but also a boy who fascinated us through a wonderful adventure full of dragons, three-headed dogs and secret rooms. NS Harry potter Movie series Officially finished with David Yates’ second installation Harry potter And the Deathly Hallows But a few years later, Warner Bros. surprised fans. Fantastic Beasts and the Wizard’s Journey, This is based on the first part of the spin-off Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone..In the story of TV program in the work, The end of the franchise may not be seen yet.

All of these movies were magical, but I think it’s just as important to meet new characters on another journey. This is especially true when Potterhead finds himself wrestling with the complex parts of the magical world in our culture. HBO Max reunion, Slightly cursed.

To the disappointment of many fans, author JK Rowling used her platform to post Transphobia statement..There is also controversy surrounding the first part film, especially with the inclusion of Warner Bros. actors. Johnny Depp Grindelwald in allegations of domestic violence.But in Daniel Radcliffe‘NS Letter to transphobia When Depp changeLongtime fans may find that they tend to explore new fantasy worlds.

So if you have Potterheads looking for a new magic fix, we’ll cover you. Fortunately, there are many fascinating movies that will captivate you as much as Harry’s adventures. Earlier, we summarized the most fascinating fantasies the movie must offer. 90’s classic favorite Matilda In a dark drama like Guillermo del Toro Pan’s Labyrinth, Can be streamed online with all wands. .. .. Well, click on your mouse.

— — Additional report by Lauren Harano

26 movies like Harry Potter

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