27 Cape Coral Bridges to be repaired

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You cannot drive Cape Coral without crossing the bridge. To ensure the safety of the drive, the city is considering repairing 27 of these bridges.

Cape Coral claims that this does not affect anyone’s commute at all, as all this work is done from the barge under the bridge and there is no equipment to block the actual road. Non-city contractors are brought in for these repairs.

My next question is ok, the news that 27 bridges are working may first trigger some alerts — are these bridges safe? What was wrong with them in the first place? But you don’t have to worry.

Bill Corbett, Cape Coral’s Transport Manager, said: “No structural problems … structural problems, structural concerns, this has nothing to do with the weight rating of the bridge. This is to strictly address superficial cracks. , This is a very small crack in these bridges. “

According to Corbett, the construction will last four to six months, which is the standard time for such a project.

27 Cape Coral Bridges to be repaired

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