27 movies like Mean Girls

“”Nasty girls“Is a complete classic for so many reasons: Infinite supply of quarterable lines, Its satirical yet relevant plots, and its memorable characters, to name just a few. It definitely won its place in the iconic high school movie Pantheon, but it’s not the only teen movie that tramples that path in our hearts.

Teen movie genre Going back decades, it has evolved to reflect both the ideal and more realistic versions of high school life. “”Nasty girls“Somewhere in the middle. This is much of that heritage. Most people probably didn’t get a literal burnbook in our high school corridor, but you’re definitely a fierce faction, “Mean Girls” can be related to the spread of brutal rumors, but they’re ridiculous and classy, ​​but they’re also honest about their teenage mood, more than hilarious conversations and iconic scenes. , Maintains relevance after almost 20 years.

It’s no wonder we’re always looking for a movie that reminds us of the best of Mean Girls. “Mean Girls” is absolutely unique, Many other movies It reminds us of some of the best elements of this beloved comedy. The next time you want a rewatch, consider dualizing with one of these great movies.

27 movies like Mean Girls

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