3 apples in 2021 and 3 oranges in 2022: forecast

Analysts’ predictions may seem pointless unless you choose between apples and oranges in a continental breakfast buffet that is rarely provisioned. As such, it involves choosing a strategy to meet the ever-increasing set of digital transformation requirements from a shortage of IT budgets.

Here is Intellyx’s 2021 retrospective and 2022 forecast seeds. Unlike most other experts, we strive not to state explicit observations as predictions, scoring ourselves in last year’s speculative harvest.

Forecast from 2021

Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, I collected three apples that fell on Jason Bloomberg’s head. 2021 Intellyx Prediction Set.. Let’s see if they had gravity.

First, a dramatic anti-cyber attack Against Russia in response to attacks like SolarWinds hacks.

This didn’t pay off – if anything, IT exploits and breaches rates peaked and maintained their pace in December with widespread exposure to log4j vulnerabilities.

Preventive efforts and innovations from vendors trying to “shift security to the left” in the DevOps lifecycle to be a developer concern, and zero trust to the underlying components of microservices-based applications, the basis of minimal privileges We saw an open source collaboration towards wiring.

Second, the massive Bitcoin-Tether Ponzi collapse It hasn’t happened yet, but all the necessary conditions have been enhanced by a factor of 10. An era of economic uncertainty and distrust of institutions has driven celebrity complaints and defenseless marks to throw away real money for magical blockchain beans.

Currently, more than half of the crypto exchange activities circulate in stablecoin shell games, so this failure is not a matter of whether the lag is pulled or not.

Finally, the pandemic and recession end with a bang Instead, it ended up with a series of spatters and pops. The inability to truly shake COVID-19 has eased financial relief and constraints on global business operations.

But when it comes to IT, the 2021 wait period has given way to an explosive increase in innovation and integration, especially in cloud-native, edge, and AI technologies, with no signs of slowdown.

Even better, digital economy workers made the most profits in 2021. Collaboration lessons, the ability to work from anywhere, and a serious shortage of talent have enabled many IT employees to jump into the job and demand better salaries and flexible working conditions from their employers. ..

2022 forecast

First, great weeding from the vendor. Overestimating space gradually gives way to a more responsible way to assess the potential success of vendors. Enterprises are smarter about ROI metrics and improve their selection criteria to meet their desired architectural goals.

Vendors who can show value to paid customers are ready to accelerate, but the runner-ups in each category are less fortunate, leading to layoffs and surprise fire sales.

This does not mean that startup activity will decline in 2022. Volatile conditions provide the most fertile foundation for improving agility on a large scale and creating innovations to meet customer needs.

Observability diverges into many forms. This solution category has consumed software performance, security, testing, development, problem solving, planning, and all the data and infrastructure aspects that support it.

Observability isn’t just for SREs that are no longer obsessed with production. In addition to handling data feed ITOps, network analytics, and AI learning tools, we need to assist developers in many aspects of legacy modernization and migration. What specific observability do you need for your work?

Supply chain management begins to enter the mainstream IT debate. Coordinating many moving parts of SCM has always been a dark art beyond IT, even for those running the gears of the supply chain (manufacturers, logistics providers, warehouses, retailers).

Software is just a bunch of bytes, but responsible organizations consider software and hardware supply chain dependencies in all architectural aspects of digital feature planning and provisioning.

A truly global supply chain will also be the largest growth market for edge computing and IoT. New combinations of device and sensor data flow into tracking, analytics, AI-based forecasting, production planning, and multi-party networks, modernizing legacy SCM and ERP systems (many of which haven’t changed much since the 90s).

Intellyx Take

It was easy to predict that cloud adoption would increase or another major breach would occur, but it’s like opening a fruit counter to sell fruits purchased in stores.

Change remains the same this year, and the deciding factor for an organization’s survival is the rate of reaction to apply new technologies to respond to the turmoil created by change.

To achieve that in 2022, organizations need to evaluate people more than ever, negotiate change, and listen to the experiences of their employees, partners, and customers. Picking is successful.

3 apples in 2021 and 3 oranges in 2022: forecast

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