3 of The Best Sales Training Tips to Fast-Track Your Startup’s Growth

Scaling a business from the ground up requires a consistent flow of sales. A piecemeal, fractured approach to your operations can have devastating effects on a startup business.

To overcome the challenges, it’s critical to develop a process-oriented approach to maintain a steady flow of sales and potential buyers in the pipeline. Here are some tips drawn from the best sales courses to help your startup take off.

Put more weight on your unique selling point

As a new business, you’re breaking into the market as an unknown player. You’ll typically be competing against brands that your target market is more familiar with.

So, why should customers choose to buy your product or service?

The best salespeople put themselves in the customer’s shoes to figure out pain points and how buyers can reap benefits from their offering. Getting to the bottom of what makes the product tick, helps reps clearly articulate the product’s unique selling point.

All this said it’s important to identify what sets your offering apart from the competition and run with it. Let the focal point of sales pitches be on that particular feature that differentiates your product from competitors. It’s also important for your reps to master how to translate the differentiating features into clear-cut benefits for the buyer.

Leverage word of mouth

According to Nielsen, 92% of customers trust the word of people they know when buying a product or service. So, use word-of-mouth referrals to generate the right kind of buzz around your products and your company.

It’s important for reps to learn how to ask for referrals after every successful sale. Statistics compiled by Resourceful Selling reveal that 83% of customers are willing to give referrals if they are happy with the purchase.

You can also introduce referral programs to encourage happy customers to advocate for you by sharing their experiences with your friend among their circle of friends and family. Reward your loyal customers with product discounts or gifts from your company to express your gratitude and gently nudge them to keep spreading the word within their networks.

With the power of social media, word-of-mouth referrals can create a snowball effect to beef up your sales. With every share and retweet, your reach can grow exponentially.

Focus on the entire sales team’s talent lifecycle

While training courses and workshops can help to improve performance, focusing on the bigger picture is more important for long-term growth. Keep an eye on the entire sales team lifecycle from recruitment to onboarding and retention.

Take time to evaluate and recruit the right crop of people into your sales team. Focus on more than just hard skills such as experience, but also seek out soft skills such as work ethic and a burning drive to succeed.

It’s also critical to have a straightforward onboarding process in place to make sure your sales team can hit the ground running as soon as possible. Make training and upskilling a regular part of your programs to keep your team’s skills crisp and polished.

Building a successful start-up company

A smooth flowing sales process makes all the difference between success and failure when launching a business. So, quickly define your unique selling point and craft your pitches around it. Also, leverage word-of-mouth to pull in more customers. Lastly, avoid putting the spotlight only on the training. Instead, knuckle down on the entire sales process.


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