3 Tips To Get the Most From Your Sports Bets

Do you remember the first game your Dad ever took you to? Do you remember how excited you were? The energy you could feel rippling through the stadium? Do you remember what it felt like to see your idol; someone who may as well have lived inside the television with the other superheroes! In the flesh for the first time? So close you could toss your cap at him? I certainly do, and I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this article then you do too.

But what happens when, as you get older; the thrill of the game just isn’t the same as it used to be? What are you to do? Well, that’s when adding a little sweetener can liven things up again. I’m of course talking about adding a little wager to the game. Nothing too serious, but just enough to have some fun. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying to yourself “Well, that’s all well and good but I don’t know the first thing about how to make a pick!” That’s ok! Because I’ve created this guide on how to get started creating picks, and some of the key aspects of what to look for, so that you know you’re making the best bets you can make!

Keep Your Focus

A mistake I see that comes up again and again when making a pick is when someone spreads their attention too thin by focusing on multiple teams. The thought process is easy enough to understand. You want your hand in as many pies as possible to maximize your success. But I gotta tell ya. That can be a rookie mistake. Have you ever heard the phrase, a jack of all trades, but a master of none? Well, that applies here. You see, nearly every sporting franchise has such a long and unique history. To effectively anticipate their thought process, you need to have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of their playbook. And that, my friend. Requires some serious studying. That’s why my first piece of advice is to narrow your focus down to just one team. Especially if you’re new to the world of sports betting. When you’re making your picks, you need to know how your team is gonna play, and to do that you need a concrete understanding of the people and the plays that make up the architecture of that institution. And speaking of knowing your plays

Secure The Spread

When it comes to football there’s a lot of fiction surrounding the stories of your favorite teams. You’ll hear folks jaw and jaw, about imaginary matchups between players, and the what-ifs and what have yous of certain conditions surrounding their plays. And to be honest, it’s not a very solid foundation to lay down a bet on. Something concrete that you can look at though are your favorite teams’ records against your opponents’ spread offense. In football, matchups are very important. It is normal to compartmentalize a team as a singular unit in your mind but on the field. These are players playing against players, and they are working hard as they can at their craft. My advice is to closely study these matchups; as it’s one of the best ways to get all the details you need for a safe wager.

Ride The Streak

Do you recall the adage about never talking to a pitcher when he’s hot? Have you ever felt that same kind of heat watching your favorite team go 4-0 to start the season? This is because, in the world of sports, momentum is a key factor in a team’s success. When you’re trying to make your picks, pay attention to hot teams. Sometimes when you hit a streak, it’s important to acknowledge it and ride it till the tires fall off. Now, this may seem funny as I’ve stressed the importance of data and statistics in the previous sections of this article. But that’s the amazing thing about sports. It’s the human element! Sometimes when all seems lost and your backs against the wall. Your favorite player can surprise you. They dig deep, and they find something within themselves that allows them to make the leap and change the tide. It’s a beautiful sight and one of the many reasons we all watch sports so obsessively. Taking that x-factor into account is important when you’re making a wager. When Lebron shoots 30 in the final quarter. Ask yourself. What side of that situation would you want to be on?

When you’re just starting out making your picks. Learning what works for you and what doesn’t. It can feel pretty overwhelming. That’s okay that’s part of the learning process. Just take a deep breath, and think back to the fundamentals of your team. Just ask yourself three simple questions. Who are they playing? How are they likely to play? And do they have any momentum from their previous games? Once you go through that mental checklist your decision is sure to come to you!


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