4 Best Academic Writing Services by Professional Writers Associations

Have you ever felt like dumping every college assignment you get? There are thousands of reasons to do that. Perhaps, everything has stacked in one big pile of problems. With this kind of schedule, writing an academic paper becomes an excruciating challenge. It’s good that now there is an opportunity to turn to professionals who can easily cope with your task to write my research paper for me cheap.

What you might decide is turning to professionals who will help you with academic burden. Writing services for students are common and many seekers of knowledge use them to manage time. Still, one should not think that academic writing help will always be perfect because you pay them. Professional academic writers, in the very end, are kind of a rarity. And here are rarities that writers from major organizations approve:

  1. PaperHelp
  2. WriteMyEssays
  3. EvolutionWriters
  4. AceMyPaper

As we mentioned, these are resources that Professional Writers Associations approve. Many of those organisations started working in the past century. They specialize in different fields, for instance, Poetry, Journalism, Science, Society, Medicine. Most of them have a long history. Some have been working for about 10 years and continue to grow. Still, they gather around one table only those who know the value of the Word.

How would they know that a service is worthy? There is a list of criteria every academic essay writing service should have. This helps them (and us) detect the options we need. So, must-haves:

❖     High speed of response to order

As some orders might be urgent, it’s necessary for the workers to be always on-line.

❖     Responsibility in matters of deadlines

❖     “Cleanliness” of the text. Plagiarism is never an option.

❖     Anonymity

Only you and the person you hire should know about the order. This works for literally any enterprise, not only academic writing companies.

❖     High uniqueness and creativity

Even if you are okay with average marks, they should provide works that are worth A-marks. At least B.

❖     No overpricing

The market has certain prices and they shouldn’t fluctuate significantly. Also, payment has to be fair and adequate for students. It’s nice when there is a discount system.

❖     Transparency and willingness to be better

The company should demonstrate considerateness to every client. They shouldn’t ignore issues that students highlight.

You may have other requirements, which is good. But you should definitely remember all of the above. If this is not the case, then the company isn’t the one to trust.

Top 4 Academic Writing Services

We move to the part where you can find top-of-the-line academic writing help.


This platform has a lot to demonstrate, in its finest way. What catches an eye is that it has an open list of workers. We instantly see what students note. For example, one of the clients says that their author not only executed the order perfectly but also helped to choose an interesting topic.

Most writers from this academic writing website have a unique and precise style. Their essays (and literally any other papers) get the best marks as a last resort.

Further, we see how many services the platform provides. They are able to create everything your teacher might come up with. And with that, their pricing is standard. Authors of other enterprises are most likely to ask for the same or approximate payment.

This platform also does proofreading and editing. Thus, you can get basic help with what you’ve done by yourself.

When we observe the Testimonials section, we see tons of comments. Yet, what isn’t less important, we can find that admins of the platform always reply to them.

If you need something in 3 hours… They can do it. Writers are always on-line and cope with urgent assignments with ease. Still, we recommend ordering in advance. This will help you save a bit and with money this will save your nerves.

The company meets requirements of Writers Associations flawlessly. And they manage to remain like that for years. There still might be some defects yet they are not noticeable. So, in a nutshell, strengths/weaknesses:

+ instant response;

+ uniqueness of texts;

+ 100% saving your identity;

+ transparent system, no secrecy in work;

+ no overpricing;

– no big discounts.

PaperHelp, best help with writing and editing


Not to waste your time on an essay or whatever, you may ask them for help. And this help will be no worse than from the previous company.

Here you can also meet an academic writing pro but only through straightforward contacting. Unfortunately, there is no base of workers on the website. Still, the authors here are cooperative at its finest, so no big deal. Moreover, the corporation keeps up with our other requirements faultlessly.

Students state that the ordering scheme is onefold. But even if a client has struggles with that, the support will be there for them. For those students who used academic writing help for the first time it was an excellent experience.

Other student’s experience allows us to see those writers create eye-catching projects. Of course, some clients were skeptical at first. The result left them contented with decent scores.

Opportunities and obstacles you may run into:

+ fast reaction on client’s needs;

+ purity of works and unique approach to the topic;

+ any complexity of order;

+ positive experience for many students;

+ elementary way to contact;

– no list of academic writers.

WriteMyEssays, will do the tedious assignment for you


Another professional academic writing service with stats that are surprising in a good way. Yet, their client’s satisfaction is only close to 100%. Sometimes drawbacks happen. But the result is mostly better than just good.

Be sure that your personal info is secure. The platform supports anonymity as any other one should.

In case you see some issues in the text by their workers, you can get free revisions. And the support is round-the-clock, so there is always someone on-line.

Benefits/detriments you might get:

+ no leaks of your information;

+ on time every time;

+ nonstop working;

+ high originality;

+ any subject and its complexity;

– no exposition of writers;

– not that many testimonials, you’ll need to check other resources.

EvolutionWriters, high quality academic problem solver

 ⟾ AceMyPaper

The website is kinda “pale” but the platform overall has proven to be accountable. They’ve shown that their research is profound and accurate. With comprehensive research you also get perfect formatting. In general, the platform meets all the requirements of Major Writers’ Organizations.

For an average price you get everything we’ve mentioned in the beginning. With that, every client has an opportunity to save a bit of finances. This depends on how many pages you need in your research.

No need for multivolume explaining, so we quickly move to benefits and drawbacks:

+ high quality writing and reviewing;

+ “clarity” of assignments, no way for plagiarism;

+ formatting with taking all standards into account;

– no base of workers;

– the website needs more details in information.

AceMyPaper, profound papers anytime

Reflecting On Issues Of Principle

If you have a couple or even a list of questions, that’s great. This is solely an indicator of the desire to understand the topic. Therefore, we will analyze the fundamental questions about academic writing services.

Is academic writing help legal?

It’s legit from a law perspective. Yet, using these services might violate academic rules. That’s why anonymity is significant.

Can I meet a deceiver instead of an academic writing pro?

Sad to say, this might take place. This is why one should turn only to those writing companies which have proven themselves worthy. The presented companies are the ones which professional writers approve of. Moreover, there is a multivolume of feedback on them. Before choosing one, students should read as many comments as they can find in the wilds of the global net.

Can they write a custom paper?

They can write everything that your teachers come up with. From essays to dissertations on artificial Intelligence in space. The authors of such enterprises are masters of words and have a lot of experience. With that, they still systematically sit exams of their own to check and improve skills.

Can I communicate with authors directly?

Sure thing! Such platforms provide secure messaging systems where you can discuss matters of your order.

Can they leak my information?

The ones on the list won’t do this. But impostor academic writing companies might blackmail you, intimidating you with info leaks. Make sure you ask professionals for help, not deceivers.

Before We Say Goodbye

You can solve problems with academic burden by contacting the pros. They are here solely to help you. But finding a good platform is kind of a challenge. So, we turned to knowledge and experience of masters from Professional Writers Associations.

The corporations on this list are the best options. Writers from Major Organizations and students have tested and approved them. Still, if you are still not sure, it’s okay. It’s always better to double-check everything you read.

Academic writing assistance is a common thing. They are here to do everything so you sleep well, knowing that semester will end peacefully.

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