4 Best Term Paper Writing Services by College Graduates

At some point we start struggling with our study load. It becomes unbearable when teachers give extra tasks like essays and complicated term papers. How should a student cope with everything when there is no flywheel of time?

You don’t have to perform any sophisticated maneuvers. There are people who will do this for you. These are workers of term paper writing services:

  1. WriteMyEssays
  2. SpeedyPaper
  3. PaperHelp
  4. 99Papers

But where should one seek principled services which deal with custom term paper writing? The best solution is to ask those who have experience in turning to help on these platforms. So, we will take a look at what college graduates say.

What We Are Trying To Find

Primarily we entail defining norms by which we’ll know that the service sticks to principles. Such a platform (and its workers) should:

  • Respect the client’s time. They need to respond as soon as possible and constantly be there for customers’ needs.
  • Reckon in significance of deadlines. The customer should receive their product in time. It’s better when the client gets the product earlier than expected.
  • Respect client’s privacy. As any other enterprises, such platforms must keep their clients anonymous.
  • Be knowledgeable in writing and designing any paper. Their execution of order shouldn’t lead to rewriting or editing the paper by the customers themselves!!
  • Have adequate pricing. High prices are not the warrant of diligence. And low prices are no guarantee that the work will be literate and qualitative. It has to be average and still satisfy the client.
  • Have a lot of feedback. The more comments one can find, the more trouble-free their future will be. Comments are the proof of positive usage of such services.

You may have other specific instances about how such a platform should work, of course. Still, these criteria must always be there with some additional assets.

Term Paper Help Services That Are Most Prominent 2021: 5 Options In 2021

Now that we know what we are looking for, we may proceed. These services have proven that their term paper assistance is at its finest 24/7.

➤ WriteMyEssays

This term paper help service is no worse than its counterparts. Naturally, they take into account everything student needs. The team of these authors saves a huge number of students from unnecessary assignments from college, school etc. every day. Usually, students note the professionalism and creativeness of authors. With that, convenience of ordering scheme. Into the bargain, users tell that authors have no problems when dealing with urgent stuff. Many term papers, essays etc. at the end impressed the teachers, and those students who used this service got perfect marks.

We will save your time as there is no need to repeat how this service meets all our criteria. It’s best to outline positives and negatives, which are:

+ successful execution of orders of varying complexity;

+ high-skilled authors;

+ decent and deep research;

+ affordable yet fast and hi-fi;

– no info on authors;

– no examples of essays or other works.

WriteMyEssays, Free Yourself From A Tedious Paper



When being for the first time on the site, you may note some little flaws. Don’t let those details in design bother you. Even with them, the workers of this platform have mastered writing papers and they meet our criteria at its finest. And this is the only thing we require.

This term paper writing service has tons of feedback. For instance, students highlight that any project at the end turns out so good that there is no problem with getting the highest marks. Users note that the writers are creative and focus on topics well. Any guideline the authors get, they fulfill the order at 100%. With that, you can see that students remark that they sometimes get finished product(s) before due time. Besides, the workers can execute terminable orders without drawbacks.

So, strengths and weaknesses in a nutshell:

+ profitability of purchases (the name speaks for itself);

+ variety of services, literally whatever you require for your studies;

+ dependable authors who have already shown their professionalism;

– site navigation is 50/50;

– no base of workers.

SpeedyPaper, Convenient Prices With Best Help


➤ PaperHelp

This is one of the most popular, safe and solid options one may find. This platform has been working for a long time and has saved thousands of students. No matter what topic you get for a term paper, the workers will execute the order at its finest.

The workpeople of this service sit exams as well. They systematically check their own literacy and skills in grammar and vocabulary. Many of them have worked in this field for years. Of course, no matter the level of the author, they must speak English ideally. Also, the authors know the rules of academic integrity. This means that you have no need to bother yourself with thoughts about plagiarism or them ignoring your deadline.

You have the ability to examine a full list of workers and instantly see their level and rates. This kind of system openness signifies that the platform works transparently and honestly.

If you don’t need a term paper but need to get rid of a boring essay, they will create it as well. They’ve got numerous services that include writing a paper from scratch, reviewing a term paper, editing it etc.

What is actually amazing is that they post some works as an example. This platform’s policy says that some students might need it to just get inspiration or deepen their knowledge. With that, by the way, you can find interesting sources that you may use for future research.

What is even cooler, you can find testimonials right on the site. If the comment section isn’t enough proof, then you can watch videos of real people giving feedback on the platform.

Overall, this term paper writing service is one of the topflight in their “clan”. To sum it up, fors and against:

+ openness of the system and clarity of work;

+ there is no way for plagiarism;

+ prime support and guarantee of anonymity;

+ best competitive ability of prices, standard amount of payment;

+ tons of contented students who note positive experience;

– little information about discounts.

PaperHelp, Whatever Paper You May Require


➤ 99Papers

Once again, we see a good platform that frees thousands of students from unnecessary tasks. The prices here are like from fairy tale. They become lower if you ask authors to do stuff in advance. Students mention absolute “cleanness” of the papers and no drawbacks with deadlines. The management of this platform is professional, and they have direct communication with clients.

Even when dealing with strict instructions, authors manage to create a unique work that gets best scores afterwards. Still, there are some negative comments. For instance, a small number of users say that they’ve had negative experiences with uncooperative authors. Yet, this does not go on unnoticed. The managers respond very quickly and do everything to make the situation better for the student.

To be brief, benefits and drawbacks:

+ instant and direct intercommunication;

+ lowest prices yet good execution;

+ they send plagiarism reports;

+ everything is on time;

– minor number of authors might turn out unwilling to cooperate;

– some users found minor errors in texts.

99Papers, Take Heavy Academic Stuff Off


Influential Questions & Clear Answers

Before turning to these services, one should clarify some moments for peace of mind. What every student needs to know is…

Are college term paper writing services legit?

They are. Basically, workers of such platforms give you help with your studies. Still, school policies disallow such things. With that, you have to clearly know that the platform is anonymous. Yet, there is no law against paying money for getting an essay or a term paper.

Will the authors cooperate and follow my requirements?

Sure they will, it’s their work! But sometimes you may encounter essay writers who either don’t have enough experience or are just stubborn. That’s why you need to gather all the info you can find about the company.

Will they deliver my term paper on time?

They must. If they don’t, you will get a refund. At least the companies on this list do this. Yet, usually students get their product on time or even in advance.

Can they just edit what I’ve written?

Yeah! Such platforms offer proofreading and other stuff. These kinds of services are usually cheaper.

Summing Up

When unloading college stuff, you may use assistance from term paper writers. This will definitely make your study life easier, Yet, it may be hard to find legit companies which write papers for money.

Here we accumulated companies that have professional term paper writers and give term paper assistance at its finest. What’s important, these platforms save thousands of students and you can distinctly see the experience of clients. And they can save you from a tedious term paper!

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