4 Ways Volunteers Can Help You

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Over 77 million Americans Volunteer for a total of 6.9 billion hours A year of doing everything from fire extinguishing to financing cancer research. These efforts help others and support the community.But volunteers also tend to benefit themselves in at least four different ways, nonprofit management scholars explain. Jennifer A. Jones..

1. Improve your health, especially when helping others

Volunteers have long been associated with goodness Physical and mental health, Especially for the elderly.In long-term research, researchers at the University of Wisconsin volunteer Linked to psychological well-being, And the volunteers themselves said it was good for themselves health..

Everyone can benefit from volunteering, but those who have the least connections with others tend to benefit the most. In fact, the benefits are so powerful that researchers suggest that public health authorities educate the public to consider them. Volunteering as part of a healthy lifestyle..

In particular, one study looked at which types of volunteers were best for your health. When a team of social scientists examined the data collected in Texas, they discovered that: People who volunteered in a way that benefits others Tends to grow Physical health Boost more than the volunteers you were marketing for yourself. In addition, there were benefits in terms of mental health, such as fewer symptoms of depression and satisfaction with life.

In other words, it may be healthier to serve meals on a meal than to make an unpaid shift as an usher in exchange for a free theater ticket.

2. Increase connections

Volunteers help make new acquaintances, especially if done on a regular basis.Whether you volunteer For organizations, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, over time Build a strong relationship, Usually with other volunteers and staff.

Regular volunteers can get more of these benefits than those who volunteer sporadically. Temporary volunteer.. Take this into account: helping distribute water in a fundraiser in April and handing out bags of groceries in November certainly packs into a busy schedule rather than volunteering regularly in the office. it’s simple. However, these more convenient activities are less likely to help build relationships over time. In other words, Consistency is important..

There is Advantages and disadvantages of all types of volunteer activities.. Volunteering once in a while is easy to schedule and can be done with family and friends. However, occasional volunteers may feel less connected to the mission of the nonprofit organization they support and may not be able to get to know many other volunteers.

On the other hand, volunteering on a regular basis increases your chances of building deep relationships with the cause and other staff and volunteers. However, this type of volunteering requires a longer and longer time commitment. Volunteer duties can also be frustrating if they are not suitable for them.

Still, if people are willing to find something that fits their schedule and make time, volunteering regularly will help them get more out of their efforts, including new friends and acquaintances. You can get it.

3. Preparation for changing jobs

When volunteers acquire and strengthen their skills and meet more people, it can help them find new paid jobs. Hone their social and work skills And expand the contact information of their experts.

You may want to volunteer in ways that are likely to close your resume gaps and network with people who can help you advance your career, especially if you are unemployed or want to get a new job. Hmm. For example, you can learn leadership and governance skills by volunteering on the board of a local food pantry and at the same time networking with other board members.

Alternatively, you can volunteer to join an organization in your area, such as health care, child care, or accounting, as a way to stay up-to-date and active while looking for a job.

include Volunteer work Your resume can also inform future employers that you are community-oriented, voluntary, and willing to go beyond. As is often the case with volunteer students, close relationships with non-profit staff can lead to job referrals and enthusiastic testimonials.

4. Reduce some risks associated with aging

Elderly people who are regularly engaged in psychologically exciting leisure activities Better memory and executive function More than those who don’t, according to an analysis of related studies.

Volunteers also need to work on new issues, interact with clients and staff, and drive to new locations. Very exciting leisure activities..

Volunteers can also help older people feel value. For example, nonprofits can encourage older volunteers to become mentors and give them the opportunity to share what they have learned from their life and career experiences.

visit When Or connect to community foundations, non-profit resource centers, and your local United Way to find volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers who are not wealthy experience better volunteer health than wealthy volunteers: Research

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4 Ways Volunteers Can Help You

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