445 Self-control on a diet-Florida Institute of Technology

A study by Ferman and Serena. Cross, Ethan; & Gearhart, Ashley (2020). Distanced self-talk reinforces the pursuit of goals for a healthier diet. Clinical Psychology, 8 (2), 366–373.

Written by Robin N. Fatovich MS.

Have you ever started a diet and struggled to stay motivated or made a devoted effort?

Psychologists have hypothesized that what we say to ourselves affects self-control during a diet. First, we divided the 240 participants into two groups. Each was instructed to speak to themselves in first or third person. For example, someone in the first person group might say, “What do I want to eat?” On the other hand, people who are “far away”, that is, from a third-party group, will say, “What does Robin want to eat?” Next, half of each group watched a two-minute health-related movie that encouraged their goals, and the other group watched a movie about home improvement.

result? Participants reduced their unhealthy food choices by watching health-related videos and using distanced self-talk. Participants benefited most by creating goals from health-related films and then using the “distance” method.

Therefore, the best combination is to have specific health goals and talk to yourself from a third-party standpoint when deciding what to eat. This strategy can promote better self-control as it can create a greater separation between emotions and diet. Create goals for better health. Achieve your goals with self-talk at a distance!

445 Self-control on a diet-Florida Institute of Technology

Source link 445 Self-control on a diet-Florida Institute of Technology

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