463 Misunderstanding of opposite sex body image

Survey by Lei, Xue & Perrett, David (2020). Misunderstanding of heterosexual preference for thinness and muscularity. British Psychology Journal, 112 (1), 247–264.

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Do men and women have an accurate perception of body shape preferences?

Psychologists have shown 170 young Caucasian adults in the United Kingdom 3D images of people of different bodies. They had to choose an image of their gender that they liked and believed that the opposite sex liked it.

result? Women preferred to be thinner than them, and men preferred to be bulky. Women inaccurately thought that men preferred thinner partners, but men inaccurately thought that women preferred heavier and more muscular men. These results were exaggerated when people evaluated what the opposite sex wanted in short-term relationship partners rather than long-term relationships. Both sexes also judged the ideal body of the opposite sex as the healthiest body image. Further research is needed to determine if the results apply to different cultural backgrounds.

You may have a distorted perception of the opposite sex’s tastes! Remember that participants preferred a healthy body image of the opposite sex. Your body provides more than your image — it helps you function throughout your life. If you find yourself in doubt about your appearance, switch your focus to your health and everything your body does for you!

463 Misunderstanding of opposite sex body image

Source link 463 Misunderstanding of opposite sex body image

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