5 Anna del Bay Documentary and Podcast

from now on Netflix crime Drama”Anna’s invention“Is one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. Created and produced by the television powerhouse. Shonda RhimesMiniseries stars Julia Garner As a title Anna DelbayA fake social heir who tricked everyone into the bank from her friends from $ 250,000 by adopting her charming persona.based on The story of Jessica Pressler’s “New York Magazine”, “Inventing Anna” is a adaptation of Anna Sorokin’s (her real name) complex plan, full of greed, glitz and charm. But have our chief scammers ever received on-screen documentary treatment before the Netflix show?

Anna Delvey’s documentary

Surprisingly, few documentaries have been dedicated to Solokin’s infamous scam, but her deception has brought it to several episodes of the famous news show. Check them out below.

“Anna Delbay robs Manhattan” in “Generation Hustle”

The 2021 HBO Max series “Generation Hustle” is a 10-part documentary that introduces the infamous journey of 10 scammers through a 50-minute episode. In episode 4 of the series entitled “Anna Delbay robs Manhattan,” her friend Rachel Delosh Williams, who filed an invoice for a luxury vacation to Marrakech in Morocco, works with the NYPD to chase a trickster. Follow the ultimate fall from the grace of Solokin while you are. The form of the criminal nonfiction documentary includes interviews with the victim and the criminal mastermind himself. You can stream Season 1 of “Generation Hustle” on HBO Max.

From “Influencer of Soho” “20/20”

“20/20” Deborah Roberts interviews both Solokin and Williams about the shortcomings of the former. Through Solokin’s trial, this episode provides insights into what it was like for a pair of her former friends to face each other in court.You can do it Stream all episodes of “20/20” on Hulu now.

“60 Minutes Australia”

In this April 2021 episode of “60 Minutes Australia,” Liam Bartlett interviewed Solokin for insights into why she stopped her scams and why she didn’t repent. rice field. You can see the entire episode on YouTube below.

Anna Delbay’s Podcast

Are you impressed with Anna Delvey’s documentary options? Try these podcasts currently streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.

BBC “Fake Heirs”

The BBC produced a mix of Vicky Baker’s journalism coverage and Chloe Moss’ script. This 8-episode documentary / drama hybrid Tells the story of the rise and fall of Solokin.

“Our Glyphter Queen, Anna Delvey” from “Not Another Real Crime”

This April 2019 Episode “Not Another True Crime Podcast” Document how Solokin committed her crime and almost overcame it (largely (Keyword) in just 60 minutes.

“Inventing Anna” will hit Netflix on Friday, February 11th.

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5 Anna del Bay Documentary and Podcast

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