5 Simple Ways to Check a Website’s Safety

Almost all of us have used the internet in one form or another. And nowadays, almost everything is done over the internet. We bank, read our news, search for jobs, apply for visas, and lots more online.

And with so much being done over the internet it means that there are more risks too. From viruses to scams you name it and you might find it online.

That is why we have put together a list of five ways that you can check if a website is safe.

So now, the next time your internet-connected device tells you to visit an e-commerce site or anything else for that matter, you will know whether they are safe or not.

The Rise of Online Scams and Hacking

According to reports, there are 2 new phishing sites created every minute.

That is an alarming number because it means that if you haven’t checked a site before entering your personal information you might be giving cybercriminals exactly what they want.

One good example of this is the recent British Airways hack. The airline had around 380,000 card details stolen by hackers.

That means that if you had not checked the site before handing over your card details then you could have been one of those people on the list.

So, it is always better to give yourself the best chance of knowing whether or not a website is safe than leaving it up to chance.

Why You Should Check a Website’s Safety

The first reason that you should check a website’s safety is that it could save you from getting scammed.

Many cybercriminals will create fake websites in the hopes of stealing your personal information and getting rich quickly. That means that they can set up “phishing” sites that look like the real deal but are designed to get your information.

One good example of this is the fake Apple ID scam that was set up recently. It looked completely legitimate with the same colors, logos, and images as the real site. But they didn’t stop there, they also used a similar domain name too making it hard for people to see that it was not real.

The only way that you would be able to see the difference between the two is by checking what information can be found on each site.

What to Look for When Checking a Website’s Safety

So now we know why we should check a website’s safety we need to look at how we can do that. Luckily, it is quite simple and all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

So, what should we be looking for when checking a website’s safety? Well, there are five main things that you should check:

Check for SSL Certificate

If you look at the address bar of your browser, chances are it will say HTTPS. This shows that the site has an SSL certificate installed and is secure.

Twitter is a perfect example of this; when you go to their website, by default it says ‘HTTPS’ in the address bar. If you see http chances, are it is not a secure site.

While at first, this might not seem to matter, when you log in to any site and enter your password, the information is encrypted so that only the website you are logging into can read it. If someone wants access to your log-in details for whatever reason, they will need the SSL certificate installed.

So, an SSL certificate is the first thing to look for when checking if a website is safe.

Check Who Owns the Site

One of the best ways to check whether websites are safe or not is knowing who owns them. If you cannot find any information on this then chances are high that it could be fake or a scam.

You could use a free tool like whois.domaintools.com or any other you like, to find out more about the website and who owns it.

Check the Contact Details

This is as basic as it is for checking if a site is safe. If you cannot contact anyone from the site, then chances are extremely high that it is not safe. If the site has no phone number or email address, then look for another site to use.

Check Reviews and Feedback

Like everything else in life, people are more than happy to share their experiences online. And whether they are good or bad, you can get a general feel of the website by checking what they say.

Look for a Similar Site

If you cannot find anything about the website, then it might not be well known. However, if there are similar sites to what you are looking for, this is a good sign that they are safe to use.


The internet might seem like a dark and dangerous place but it does not have to be as such if you know what websites to trust. By following these website safety tips, you will be able to check a website’s safety without any trouble.

All these steps are simple; however, they could prove invaluable in keeping you safe online. So what are you waiting for? Start checking websites today and keep your log-in details far from prying eyes.


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