6 Ways that Yoga Will Improve Your Golf Game

Just a few decades ago, golfers were told to never lift weights or worry about their overall fitness levels. My oh my how times have changed. Modern-day PGA Tour golfers hire not only personal trainers, but nutritionists and yoga instructors as well.

The PGA teaching professionals at Bird Golf Academy have been teaching their golf students the benefits of Yoga for many years. There are five Bird Golf schools in the state of Florida that can help take your golf game to the next level. Here are six ways that yoga will improve your overall golf game. 

  1. Increased Flexibility For A Better Backswing 

To execute a smooth and effective golf swing, golfers must have a high degree of flexibility. This is especially true during the backswing’s turning motion. As a general rule, the further you can turn, the further the ball will travel if struck correctly.

Many golfers struggle with tight muscles that won’t allow them to make a complete backswing. Implementing a little bit of yoga into their fitness routine will give golfers the ability to come all the way back with the golf club. This will result in a smoother swing and more powerful drives off the tee! 

  1. Better Balance During Your Swing 

A fundamentally sound golf swing is based on having good balance and timing. Simply put, it’s nearly impossible to hit a solid golf shot if you are off-balance. Doing a few yoga exercises each week will help golfers connect their minds and bodies.

Yoga gives golfers a greater sense of awareness and better overall balance during the golf swing. Golfers who struggle with any type of vertigo find that yoga helps them overcome this condition. Many golfers are surprised at how effortless their swing feels because of the added balance that yoga provides.

Some golfers often find that they lose their balance after taking so many swings during a round of golf. This is understandable since an 18-hole round can lead to over 100 golf swings when you count warm up shots. Yoga helps restore a golfer’s equilibrium and center of gravity. This leads to better balance. 

  1. Better Mental State 

A big part of being successful on the golf course is staying in a positive mental state. Let’s face it, golf can be an immensely frustrating game. All golfers must learn the fine art of harnessing positive thoughts and quickly releasing negative ones.

The intense stretching associated with yoga has been proven to release endorphins that help decrease stress and tension. The deep breathing that yoga teaches will help golfers to stay relaxed on the course at all times, even during difficult shots.


A popular phrase on the PGA Tour is “stay in a good headspace”. Yoga can greatly assist with that goal. Yoga can also lead to better concentration, which is a huge edge on the golf course.

  1. Stronger, More Toned Muscles 

Over the last couple of decades, golfers have realized the importance of having strong and well toned muscles. Gone are the days of the beer bellied pro golfers! The average golfer these days has a long, lean, muscular physique.

Having a strong core is essential to playing your best golf. All yoga exercises place a big emphasis on strengthening the core (abdominals, obliques, and lower back). This will lead to more powerful swings and more clubhead speed.

Having stronger muscles will help golfers hit the ball much further off the tee. This will lead to lower scores and a more enjoyable experience on the course. 

  1. More Endurance During Your Round

 Do you often play great on the front nine but struggle on the back nine? Maybe you even play great for 14 or 15 holes but fade coming down the home stretch? The remedy to that problem is more endurance!

Golfers who do yoga exercises have more endurance on the golf course, even during those sweltering summer days of over 90 degrees! Yoga can lead to your body using oxygen in a much more efficient manner. This leads to more energy and less periods of tiredness. 

  1. Less Chance of Injury

 There’s nothing worse than suffering a nagging injury that limits your time on the golf course. Golfers who do yoga exercises are less likely to experience common golf injuries like lower back pain, rotator cuff tears, and tendinitis in the elbow. This is because yoga not only strengthens the muscles, but the ligaments and tendons as well.

Golfers also tend to have a lot of injuries to the hands, wrists, and fingers. A simple yoga wrist stretch is the perfect way to warm up before your round or practice session. The wrist stretch is one of the simplest and most important yoga poses that a golfer can learn.

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