7 Reasons to Start Addiction Recovery During the Holidays

If you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction and you’ve decided to seek treatment, your next significant decision is deciding when to consult a provider. During the holidays, anyone dealing with addiction should consider checking into a treatment facility as early in the season as possible, ideally before days such as Christmas and New Year’s. You may think the holidays aren’t a good time to start your recovery process, but here are seven reasons why you should seek treatment as soon as possible this season.

It helps you avoid holiday relapse triggers

For someone struggling with drugs and alcohol, the holidays often present more challenges than any other time of year. You might face triggers both positive and negative, such as the urge to use when you see others celebrating, after arguments with family, or due to loneliness.

Top-rated detox facilities like Clean Recovery Centers, a detox facility in New Port Richey, will serve as a haven from holiday temptations.

It gives your family peace

The holidays are stressful for entire families when even one member struggles with substance abuse. If you show up to family engagements, you’ll have to hide your addiction and will likely feel embarrassed and judged. If you fail to appear, your family will worry.

By starting addiction recovery, you don’t have to see your family while in the throes of your addiction, but they can also rest easy knowing that you’re somewhere safe.

You can feel inspired by the new year

New Year’s Day is an excellent time to start a new chapter in your life. Entering addiction recovery is far more than a casual New Year’s resolution. Instead, it’s a serious commitment to putting drugs and alcohol behind you, and you can use the symbolism of the new year as inspiration.

You can stay safe from COVID-19

Even with COVID precautions, holiday parties still pose risks for the participants. While you can avoid get-togethers, spending time alone during the holidays is often a trigger for many addicts.

A recovery center allows you to spend the holidays in a safe bubble of screened people while remaining sober and avoiding solitude.

Avoid awkward situations

For many people, the holidays are full of party invitations, and that’s not the situation you want to find yourself in if you’re struggling with addiction. The likelihood of drinking excessively is higher during the holidays than at any other time of year.

By entering recovery, you can avoid the issue entirely and demonstrate to others through actions what your intentions are.

Learn to celebrate responsibly

The idea of having fun without drugs and alcohol can feel impossible at first, but it will start to happen as you move through the recovery process. Spending the holidays in addiction recovery allows you to celebrate with others soberly and healthily. Creating connections with other people has been shown to help reduce drug and alcohol use.

Give a gift to yourself and your loved ones

Recovery is not only a gift you give to yourself but also to those you love, as you can all enjoy the benefits of your sobriety for years. Missing one holiday season is a small sacrifice when considering the larger picture.

Final thoughts

The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can begin a healthier and more satisfying life. By starting addiction treatment during the holidays, you can avoid many seasonal triggers and increase your likelihood of success. If you are struggling to go to physical clinics often, it is best recommended to have yourselves checked nowadays with this online MAT clinic.


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