7 Your Side: Customers of Scotch Plains Public Storage are allowed in units flooded with Aida

Scotch Plains, NJ (WABC)-Nearly 200 customers in a NJ storage have fulfilled their purpose to save a treasured heirloom whose 7 On Your Side was sunk in Aida and threatened to be thrown. Later, there was some welcome news on Friday over there.

However, after pressure from Nina Pind and others, Scotch Plains public storage stopped sweeping their property.

“I’m in tears of joy,” said customer Cecilia Ephraim. “I have hope now because mine is still untouched.”

It contains the last letter she wrote before her dad died. Block access to space The contents trash can is guaranteed to stop.

“If I get there, I hope I can save something, but I’m happy that it’s there, not dumplings,” said Jennifer Salmon, a public storage customer.

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“I’m very relieved that my item is in the unit, but time is important. It’s moldy,” said customer Robert Gillio.

“They admit that something needs to happen,” said customer Mary Jean Murphy.

Murphy had her lawyer submit a detention order, and the public storage company agreed not to join her unit.

“To date, communication with public storage hasn’t been very good,” said lawyer Jacob Davidson. “For their honor, it has changed a bit. I encourage them to come to the table better for everyone.”

Due to a very large customer outage, New Jersey Legislature John Bramnick has contacted Public Storage. He then notified the Attorney General, stating that the Attorney General had begun an investigation.

“When I return to Trenton, I will have to see some serious legislation,” Bramnick said. “We have to hold some hearings, but obviously these storage facilities will not be able to dispose of people’s goods.”

This is a great relief for renters like the New York Giants legend Carl Banks. Who contacted 7 On Your Side on Thursday, Indignation.

“The unit has a lot of memories, not only part of my sporting heritage, but also my family’s heritage,” Banks said.

Now he and others can start accessing their unit next week.

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“Thank you for coming to help us, I think of your existence and just support us and give us the hope of continuing to ask and pressure them,” Ephraim said. I did.

Public Storage said it initially decided to wipe out the property because it was exposed to sewage, is now dangerous, and has public safety concerns.

But now the lessors were told they would start getting promises to join their unit. It is given first to the person with the most damage.

Public Storage issued the following statement on Friday:

“Keeping our customers safe from the damage caused by one of the most devastating storms in New Jersey history is our number one priority. Hurricane Ida is a four-foot contaminated Category 3 After leaving the water, we had to close the site in Scotch Plains, NJ. Category 3 is the highest water pollution rating and is commonly referred to as “black water”. Black water is rich in toxins that are harmful to the human body, including hepatitis B and C, norovirus, tetanus, West Nile virus, tuberculosis, and dozens of other deadly bacteria. Access this highly contaminated area or collect contaminated items. The disposition has been suspended to address concerns raised by a small number of customers and allow them to evaluate their response to court orders. We will continue to contact our customers directly to ensure they are in contact. You will be notified of the appropriate next steps. We also work with affected customers to help them get insurance refunds. “

The Consumer Affairs Department has received complaints about Scotch Plains’ public storage facilities, and those complaints have been published and are under review. Consumers who are dissatisfied with this business Visit that website Alternatively, call 1-800-242-5846 to receive the complaint form by mail.

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7 Your Side: Customers of Scotch Plains Public Storage are allowed in units flooded with Aida

Source link 7 Your Side: Customers of Scotch Plains Public Storage are allowed in units flooded with Aida

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