7 Your Side: Easy Steps To Hire The Best Contractor After Hurricane Aida

New York City (WABC)-Hundreds of homeowners in our area affected by the historic flood caused by the wreckage of Hurricane Aida are desperate to even ask a contractor for a quote. is.

And the stakes are high. Floods are not covered by most homeowner policies, so many homeowners are paying for home remodeling from their pockets.

The first step is to get at least three quotes in writing from the contractor. Keep in mind that low bids are not always the best bids.

Next, investigate the contractor.

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The most important tip is to make sure the contractor is licensed in the state or municipality where the work is done.

It’s a law and it’s easy to see.

Ask for insurance proof while you are in it.

Enter the contractor’s name into Google with words like “complaints,” “scams,” and “reviews” to see what comments you see.

After narrowing down your search, ask your contractor for a list of recent local references you can find.

In addition to the quality of work, ask if their contractor stuck with the estimated budget and completion date.

“We understand that it’s difficult to take all these steps if a house is devastated by floods,” said Peter Hatch, director of consumer protection in New York City. “So we will do our best to make it easier. We have a model on our website. People see what should be included in a written quote and agree in writing You can get a contract that defines how much work will be done, at the start, at the end, the materials you need. This will give you visibility, transparency and cost. . “

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Some big points:

-Never pay in full in advance. Instead, split it into three or four payments so that the final payment is only paid after the work is completed satisfactorily.

-Don’t pay in cash. Use a check or credit card instead. Also, if you are writing a check, please send the check to the company, not “cash” or someone’s name.

-Beware of fake FEMA inspectors: Fema will never ask for your Social Security number or prepaid funds.

New York City Consumer and Workers Protection Agency There is also a hint page To hire a home renovator.

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7 Your Side: Easy Steps To Hire The Best Contractor After Hurricane Aida

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