7,939 news incidents and 84 new deaths reported

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As of 2:00 pm on Thursday, there were 2,104,686 positive cases of coronavirus. Record It is in a state. The number of cases includes 2,065,122 Florida residents and 39,564 non-Florida residents. According to the Florida Department of Health, there were 33,906 resident deaths, 656 non-resident deaths, and 86,499 hospitalizations at the time of illness.

Click here for a breakdown by state and county of vaccination.

* Numbers are published daily by DOH in the afternoon.

State-wide number

Total number of Record Case: 2,104,686 (increased from 2,096,747)
Florida resident deaths: 33,906 (up from 33,822)
Non-resident deaths: 656
Total fatalities in the state (total Florida / non-Florida residents): 34,562 (up from 34,476)

  • 7,939 new cases reported on Thursday
  • The deaths of 84 new residents were reported on Thursday
  • Two new non-resident deaths reported on Thursday
  • Positive rate of new cases in Florida residents: 6.73%
    • This percentage is the number of people who first tested PCR or antigen positives divided by all those who tested that day, except those who previously tested positive.

Southwest Florida number

total Record SWFL case: 119,019 (increased from 118,570)
Deaths: 2,018 (increased from 2,012)

  • A total of 449 new cases reported on Thursday
  • Six new deaths reported on Thursday

Lie group: 64,206 (up from 63,957)). – 935 people died
Collier County: 33,310 (up from 33,179) – 506 dead
Charlotte County: 11,933 (up from 11,882) – 395 deaths
DeSoto County: 4,126 (up from 4,118) – 86 dead
Glaze County: 930 (no change) – 19 dead
Hendry County: 4,514 (up from 4,504) – 77 dead

Click here * for a case-by-case breakdown of COVID-19 – updated daily.

* If not linked, the final report is not yet available.

test data

Beginning October 27, the Florida Department of Health has stopped publishing data showing the overall number of tests. Their statement: “The Florida Department of Health is coordinating the COVID-19 dashboard and daily report to provide clear and accurate information to Florida families. From now on, the daily report will be a daily inspection reported to the state. Focus on the number of positives and their corresponding daily positive rates. Previously reported cumulative numbers did not reflect the current status of pandemics in Florida. This change in positive rates Consistent with CDC recommendations for calculations. [is] Applying with consistent and clear communication enables public health authorities to effectively track size and trends, which help local public health decisions. “


SWFL vaccine: COVID-19 vaccine schedule and SWFL information

Florida Vaccines: Florida COVID-19 Vaccine Report

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Food pantry: Harry Chapin Mobile Food Pantry Schedule, April 5th Week

Report COVID-19 Diagnostic / Test: International self-assessment system

If you feel sick:

The Florida Department of Health has a 24-hour COVID-19 call center (1-866-779-6121).Questions can also be sent by email [email protected].. Email responses are sent during call center business hours.

Link: Florida Health Department COVID-19 Update

* The map is best viewed on a desktop computer. If you don’t see the map above, tap here to see the full screen version.

7,939 news incidents and 84 new deaths reported

Source link 7,939 news incidents and 84 new deaths reported

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