8 Cannabis Gifts That Will Be a Hit in 2022

Finding unique gifts that reflect your affection for the 420 friends in your life is easier than you think. Whether you are shopping for a birthday gift, anniversary present, or just a way to show your appreciation, the cannabis industry is full of unique products. Here are eight herbal gifts that are a hit in 2022. 

Mystery box from MJ Arsenal

Trusted retailers sell hundreds of products designed to delight. But for that special someone who prefers a surprise, their mystery box is the perfect gift. Choose your price tier between $50 to $150, and MJ Arsenal will fill the box with goodies like dab rigs, caps, and more. These mystery boxes also often contain discontinued, limited edition items you won’t find anywhere else. 

OTTO Grinder and Roller

The grinder and roller from OTTO is ideal for tech-loving stoners. The two-for-one item seamlessly grinds, fills, and rolls flower for the perfect toke every time. For cannabis connoisseurs and newbies alike, the OTTO product takes the hard work out of rolling, so all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy. 

Infused alcohol from Artet 

If you need a gift that is sure to impress a room full of discerning partygoers, Artet never disappoints. The high-quality infused line of aperitifs combines the power of herb with the flavor of alcohol. Add Artet to your favorite cocktail for enhanced sipping, or enjoy alone for a euphoric experience. 

1906 Bliss Drops 

For those friends that need a little extra help beating the winter blues, Bliss Drops from 1906 is a game-changing gift. The ingestible pill is a mix of plant medicines that relieve tension, improve energy, promote brain function, and a healthy dose of CBD and THC. Bliss Drops are fast-acting, so you’ll feel the benefits in 20 minutes or less. Browse the entire line from 1906 for other drop blends targeting energy, relaxation, and sleep. 

Levo Oil Infusion Machine 

The infusion machine from Levo Oil combines the passion for cooking with a love of cannabis. The countertop appliance is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to infuse butter, oil, honey, and more. Add on a power pod to double the dose of THC in your creation, or keep it simple with its built-in measuring system. 

Paola Herb Grinder

With a golden shell shape and pastel pink color, the Paola herb grinder is both adorable and functional. The scallop shell top is easily removed to access the base, and magnetic, so you won’t lose pieces. When fully assembled, the small grinder passes as a fashionable makeup compact or unique home decor. 

Raw Hemp Honey from Red Belly 

For the friend who is both a climate enthusiast and sweet tooth, Red Belly’s raw hemp honey is the ultimate offering. The company supplements bee diets with active cannabidiol that is naturally infused into the honey they produce. The result is delectable honey with a kick, and a bonus for the bees who have been shown to have resistance to pesticides with the help of hemp. 

Inverted lighter 

Smoking flower is all fun and games, until someone burns a finger. With a simple redesign, inverted lighters improve user experience and prevent accidental burns. The simple gift is also great for outdoors enthusiasts and stoners that are always on-the-go. 

Final thoughts 

In 2022, take the guesswork out of birthdays and anniversaries. These eight 420-friendly gifts are sure to win you gift giver of year. 


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