8 Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Documentaries and Podcasts

Future Hulu Series “Drop out,”starring Amanda Seyfried And Neveen Andrews is following the rise and fall of Theranos’ founder Elizabeth Holmes.. Holmes founded Theranos in 2003 after dropping out of Stanford University. Through innovative technology, we aimed to make blood tests more accessible to the general public... By 2014, Theranos had an estimated value of $ 9 billion, but as the company continued to grow, doubts about the effectiveness of the technology increased.rear The Wall Street Journal Announces Expo About Theranos and Holmes, her business and the card house she built to keep it collapsed quickly.

“Dropout” is a adaptation of the beginning of Holmes, her rapid growth to become one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world, and her demise. If you’re looking for a review of Theranos and Holmes stories before “The Dropout” hits Hulu on March 3, these documentaries and podcasts can cover it.

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Documentary

When the shocking news that Theranos was a fraudulent business was reported, several documentaries and news specials broke the incredible story.

“20/20: Dropout”

Following the success and acclaim of the podcast of the same name, ABC has released a 20/20 special called “The Dropout.” This includes investigating the rise and fall of Theranos and interviewing Holmes and employees within her circle. Workers and families.

stream ABC’s “20/20: Dropout”..

“Inventor: For Blood in Silicon Valley”

Holmes, her boyfriend, and Theranos COO Sunny Balwani In are at the heart of HBO’s amazing documentary, The Inventor: Out of Blood in Silicon Valley. This documentary features various interviews with journalists, professors, advisors, investors and whistleblowers to help you dig deeper into Holmes’s mind and the illusions she has marketed to the world.

stream HBO and HBO Max’s “The Inventor: Out for Bloodin Silicon Valley”..

“60 minutes: Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos deception”

CBS is one of several news stations featuring Theranos stories and has released a 60 Minutes special entitled “Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Deception.” In it, journalist Norah O’Donnell investigates the traces of Holmes’ deception and what she influenced along the way.

“Valley of Hype: The Culture That Built Elizabeth Holmes”

Yahoo Finance’s first featured documentary, “Valley of Hype: The Culture that Built Elizabeth Holmes,” focuses on Theranos’s failure to identify Silicon Valley’s influence on Holmes’ ignorance of all guard rails when launching a company. Focuses on startup culture. You can watch the episode on Youtube below.

“60 Minutes Australia: Elizabeth Holmes Exposed”

In addition to the American “60 Minutes”, the “60 Minutes Australia” is known for its comprehensive and investigative journalism. This special, led by journalist Tara Browne, covers Theranos’ fraudulent plans and features interviews and footage while Holmes is at the company. Watch the episode on Youtube below.

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Podcasts

In addition to documentaries and television specials, several podcasts on Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes have been produced. Find a place to listen to them below!

“Drop out”

This is a podcast from which the name came from that influenced both the “20/20” special and the upcoming Hulu series. The first six episodes of Holmes’ fraudulent business practices were released in 2019, and new episodes following her criminal trial are regularly released. The latest episode “The Verdict” was deleted on January 5, 2022.

listen ABC Audio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music’s “The Dropout”..

“Bad Blood: Final Chapter”

“Bad Blood,” led by journalist John Carreyrou, who published Theranos and Holmes, takes listeners on a journey to explore the culture that created Holmes and led to the collapse of her company.This podcast Same name as the next Theranos movie on Apple TV + starring Jennifer Lawrence..

listen Apple Podcasts “Bad Blood: The Final Chapter”..

“Elizabeth Holmes: The Collapse of a Billion Dollar Startup”

A 30-minute podcast by the famous British newspaper The Times investigates the WSJ Release It changed the course of life for Theranos and Holmes forever.

listen Google Podcasts “Elizabeth Holmes: The Collapse of a Billion Dollar Startup”..

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8 Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Documentaries and Podcasts

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