8 Tips For Choosing Quality Medical Scrubs

The people you usually see wearing scrubs are healthcare workers and medical assistance providers. Some of them are nurses, caregivers, midwives, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and more. The reason healthcare workers are recommended to wear medical scrubs to work is that it has its own benefits and perks that are useful for the nature of their job. Scrubs also improve their productivity at work.

For instance, medical scrubs protect healthcare workers from toxic and hazardous substances they deal with every day, such as blood, urine, medicines, and more. Moreover, medical scrubs also encourage better productivity as they provide comfort and allow flexible movement for the wearer. Wearing the proper scrubs make it safe for nurses to properly care for patients. Thus, it’s not anymore surprising if medical establishments always recommend their workers to wear medical scrubs as their official work uniform.

Medical scrubs come in different colors, designs, and styles. If you’re currently in the market for medical scrubs, you’re probably wondering how you can pick the best one for yourself. It’s vital that you buy yourself medical scrubs that ensure comfort, mobility, and excellent quality.

So, before you go ahead and purchase nurse’s scrubs, here are eight tips to remember when choosing quality medical scrubs.

  1. Go For Expensive Quality

Sometimes, quality means going for the more expensive choice. Even so, make sure you purchase medical scrubs that were manufactured by a good-quality company. Avoid switching it for cheaper scrubs when it also means compromised quality. Keep in mind that your work involves plenty of movements and the last thing you’d want to happen are stitches coming out of your uniform or the colors being washed out after the first laundry. Buy yourself one high-quality pair of medical scrubs instead of three low-quality ones.

  1. Stick With Your Workplace Dress Code

Hospitals often follow color codes for each department. These colors are important to signify that a particular healthcare worker is from a specific department. Colors will also differentiate between different types of hospital staff such as physical therapists, nurses, midwives, and more. When you’re out shopping for your medical scrub, make sure you stick to the hospital’s dress code that was assigned for your department.

  1. Pick The Most Suitable Fabric For Your Type Of Work

Medical scrubs are often made from polyester blend or cotton. If your job involves plenty of interactions with chemicals, substances, and liquids, it may be best if you buy scrubs with spill or stain resistance. Meanwhile, if your job involves plenty of movements, stretching, walking, or bending, opt for scrubs that are made in spandex blend or cotton. The spandex option will give your scrubs flexibility, while other types of fabrics are for durability.

  1. Consider The Neck Cuts

As mentioned earlier, medical scrubs are available in different styles and designs, including neck cuts. The scrubs can come in V-neck, mock wrap, square neck, or round neck. There’s nothing wrong with buying medical scrubs with different neck cuts as long as their design fits you comfortably or doesn’t restrain your movements.

Choosing between different neck cuts is basically deciding whether you’d want the stylish scrubs or the basic ones. Just make sure your employer has approved you in wearing scrubs with a different neck cut, then you’re good to purchase any of them and make yourself look and feel good.

  1. Consider Its Functionality

Aside from considering your scrubs’ design and style, don’t forget to consider their functionality too. Put into consideration the type of job you have, what your tasks are, and what you usually need to keep in your pockets. Medical scrubs can either have pockets or none. If your job does not require the frequent use of pockets, you may opt to buy the kind that has none.

If you’re in constant need of a place to keep some work tools like pens or thermometers, pockets will be a significant consideration for your scrubs. There are two types of pockets you’ll need to know about. There’s the chest pocket and the patch pocket. Chest pockets are for workers who constantly need storage space for small things like pens, pencils, and cell phones. However, if loading your chest pocket makes your shoulders and neck stressful, then you can drop the idea and buy scrubs without them.

Meanwhile, patch pockets are much more useful and often in demand by medical workers than chest pockets. This pocket is suitable for nurses who always carry around medical instruments with them as part of their job. It can be a stethoscope, a pair of gloves, alcohol pads, scissors, and more.

Pockets are suitable for workers who want to be ready and have all the necessary tools with them whenever needed. But if you feel annoyed with the weight of these gadgets in your patch pockets, then opt to buy scrubs without pockets.

Remember that pockets in your scrubs should be limited. Some designers don’t even add pockets for women’s scrubs, as bulky pockets will only ruin your scrubs’ body shape.

  1. See If You Need Side Slits For Additional Movement

Another thing to consider in choosing medical scrubs is their side slits. Side slits provide easiness and mobility. These will increase comfort and provide ventilation as you wear your uniform. However, the side slits must depend on the length of your chosen scrub. For instance, if you’re used to wearing a scrub top with a shorter length, the side slit might only expose a bit of your waist. In this case, opt for a scrub with no side slit.

Meanwhile, if your scrub pants have front and back pockets, and you’re wearing a scrub top with a longer length, side slits will significantly help you reach out for your pockets anytime you need.

  1. Get The Best Fit

Medical scrubs are usually made loose-fit. Thus, you first need to try them on for fitting before you finalize your purchase. Even if they look like a good fit when hanged, that still won’t ensure that it’s fit you.

When you wear scrubs that are well-fitted for your size, you’ll be more confident and comfortable with what you’re wearing. So, seek out some help with your trusted tailor and let them take your measurements, and use this as your reference when choosing your medical scrubs.

  1. Opt For Easy To Maintain Scrubs

Healthcare workers must maintain cleanliness and neatness with their uniforms and appearance. Otherwise, patients and their co-workers will have a hard time trusting your work etiquette once they see you wearing stained scrubs. Thus, when choosing your medical scrubs, you also need to consider their maintenance. Pick a fabric material that is easier for you to wash and dry. Also, the fabric must have anti-wrinkle and anti-fading features.

Best Medical Scrubs For Your Work

Quality medical scrubs are an investment, but the benefits you can get from them are definitely worth it. Keep these tips in mind when you’re in the market for new scrubs. Remember, your scrubs don’t need to be plain. You can buy scrubs that will reflect your personality and make you feel and look great at work.

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