A 24-year-old woman held hostage in Bronx uses Grubhub’s food delivery to warn police

Bronx, NY (WABC)-A young woman held hostage and raped at her home in the Bronx is now safe thanks to being able to order delivery in the app. Policeman.

Grubhub, who ordered breakfast sandwiches and burgers at 5am on Sunday, wasn’t uncommon for the Chipper Truck Café people on McLean Avenue in Yonkers, but strangely, there was a note under additional instructions.

It was clearly written in a hurry and called a police officer to bring them food and tell them not to reveal it.

“She basically said she would take the police to deliver,” said Alice Bermejo of the Chipper Truck Cafe.

Alice Bermejo, who is doing business with her husband, says she received a call from a worker who saw the order appear on the screen.

“They looked at the order notes, called my husband and said,’What should I do?’ “You can’t call the police and take the risk, it’s safer than regret,” he said. She said.

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The order came from the address of the Eastchester section of the Bronx, where authorities say a 32-year-old man hugged a 24-year-old woman against her will and sexually assaulted her.

They met in person a few months after they first met online, and it became violent. He didn’t give her a phone except to order her food.

At that time, her greatest hope was to send a message to a restaurant 3.5 miles away. The Bermejo family is grateful to the employees who called the police and explained.

“She was able to get help because she was open 24 hours a day, just knowing we were there,” said Alicia, daughter of Alice Bermejo.

According to court documents, the suspect opened the door, admitting that he thought the young woman’s food had arrived. But it was the police.

The suspect, identified as 32-year-old Chemoy Royal, was beaten on numerous charges, including rape, illegal imprisonment, strangulation, criminal sexual activity, and sexual abuse.

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And he is now charged with another young woman’s attempted sexual assault a few days ago.

The incident took place at Royal’s house on June 14, and was reported the next day. For some reason, the 26-year-old victim was able to escape. It is unknown why police did not arrest Royal in the first case until June 19.

He was charged at the same time in both cases.

Royal was arrested thanks to a Grubhub order that Belmejo did not know until a friend of the victim called him.

“They thanked us and called on us to be just like.’Thank you so much for helping my friend, and just know that you make sure she’s fine. “Masu,” said Alicia Bermejo. “We didn’t really know the significance of the situation until after everything happened.”

They acknowledge the victims of her quick thinking in horrific situations.

“I can’t even imagine. I hope to see her someday,” said Alice Bermejo.

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A 24-year-old woman held hostage in Bronx uses Grubhub’s food delivery to warn police

Source link A 24-year-old woman held hostage in Bronx uses Grubhub’s food delivery to warn police

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