A child was accidentally shot and killed by another child as a result of a gun left in the car

Fort myers

One has been charged with murder after the child died in a shooting on Sunday night. After days of unanswered questions, Fort Myers police released a highly edited report detailing what happened that day.

A child accidentally shot another child while waiting in the backseat of a car parked outside the Little Caesars restaurant at Columbus Square Shopping Center at 7:15 pm, reportedly.

Earlier that day, Ford Focus’s unnamed owner allowed Michelia Scott, 17, to rent a car and take multiple people, including two children, to the beach.

While on the beach, Scott experienced a seizure and was taken by ambulance to a children’s hospital in Gorisano.

A friend was called in to help pick up the rest of the group of people from the car and the beach. Then they went to the hospital to be with Scott.

One went to the hospital to meet a friend and put a bag in the back seat. Later, I found out that there was a gun in the bag.

At this time, in a highly edited report, it is unclear whether the driver left the hospital with the group or left the bag and stayed in Gorisano.

After leaving the hospital, they stopped at Little Caesars at Columbus Square Shopping Plaza along Fowler Street, picked up food and went home.

A passenger seat went in to get a pizza, leaving two children in the back seat and one child in the driver’s seat.

The driver was waiting for passengers to return from the pizzeria when a loud gunshot was heard from behind and the car was filled with smoke.

The car driver at the time said he had never seen a gun in his car, unaware of it, but looking back, one had a wound on his arm and the other had a wound on his hand. I saw.

There was an intact third party in the back seat.

Police said the child, whose arm was injured by the bullet, died later because the bullet eventually reached his chest.

Before the police arrived, the person who put the bag in the car advised them that there was a Kimber .380 caliber gun in it.

When the police arrived, one said they saw some people on top of the unresponsive child and two police began first aid.

EMS took two children to the hospital.

When the detective arrived at the scene, witnesses could be interviewed and a search warrant was issued for the car where police found a gun, blue bag, and phone.

The unnamed child died of injury a few days later. Another child shot in the hand was released from the hospital on the same day.

An unknown person has been charged with manslaughter of a child.

This case is still under investigation.

A child was accidentally shot and killed by another child as a result of a gun left in the car

Source link A child was accidentally shot and killed by another child as a result of a gun left in the car

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