A Disney employee, a former judge, was arrested for trafficking puncture wounds, police say

Pork county

Authorities arrested 108 people in a six-day trafficking secret investigation in Florida, including those looking for child sexual predators and prostitutes. Police said the detainees included four Disney employees and a retired judge.

“The arrest of a trafficker and a predator of four children alone makes the whole operation worthwhile,” said Sheriff Grady Judd of Pork County on Wednesday. “Where there is prostitution, there are exploitation, illness, dysfunction, and family collapse.”

During their operation, which they called “March Sadness Operation,” detectives found prostitutes who posted online ads through various websites and social media platforms and identified those who were looking for them. .. They also identified adults who believed they were improperly communicating with their children.

Undercover agents then met them at one location and contacted these suspects online before arresting them. Members of anti-trafficking groups also spoke with prostitutes and provided services and counseling to them, according to the sheriff’s office.

The Pork County Sheriff’s Office arrested 108 people during a six-day trafficking operation called “March Sadness Operation 2”.
Credit: Pork County Sheriff’s Office

Authorities have identified four Disney employees among the arrested employees. Xavier Jackson, 27, worked as a lifeguard at Walt Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Judd said Jackson sent his improper photo and message to an undercover agent pretending to be a 14-year-old girl. He was charged with three cases of sending toxic substances to minors and one case of illegal communication.

“We have somewhere protected a criminal who has deviated from these evils, a girl who has been or may have been cared for by a thug,” Judd said at a press conference. Said about. “They are dangerous people.”

The other three allegedly attempting to recruit prostitutes were identified by Judd as Wilkason Fidere, 24, who worked for four years at a cosmic restaurant in Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World. Shubham Malave, 27, who obtained visa citizenship from India and worked as a Disney software developer. Ralph Reese, 45, worked in Disney’s IT department for nearly four years.

“He’s married,” Judd said of Reese. “So I’m sure Disney isn’t happy. I’m sure his wife isn’t happy, but I’m glad we arrested him.”

In a statement to CBS News, Disney confirmed that Reese, Fidere and Jackson were on unpaid leave. He added that Malavé was not an employee of the company.

Authorities also arrested a man called Fun Spot and a former Florida judge who worked at a local family amusement park in Orlando. Both are said to have been looking for prostitutes.

According to Judd, Daniel Peters, 66, told the detective that he was a judge in Cook County’s Fourth Circuit and a Special Adviser to the Legal Department of the Cook County Security Officer’s Office in Illinois. rice field. He was charged with soliciting prostitutes.

“He asked for a lawyer,” Judd said. “Well, judge, you need a lawyer. A problem has arisen.”

Judd warned that his office would continue to arrest those who violated the law.

“What surprises me is that starting next week I can do something else to refill this board,” he said. “And make sure one thing. These chiefs and I do exactly that. We’ll be back, and if you violate the law, we’ll take you to jail. I’m going. That’s a guarantee. “

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A Disney employee, a former judge, was arrested for trafficking puncture wounds, police say

Source link A Disney employee, a former judge, was arrested for trafficking puncture wounds, police say

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