A Florida man arrested after threatening to leak a topless photo of a politician

A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged Cyber ​​stalking Trying to blackmail Florida Senator Lauren Book takes pictures of her stolen and doctors Fox news..

Ms. Book reported harassment to police earlier this year, claiming that the cyberstalker had sent two pictures of her exposed breasts. Miami Herald..

The accused man, Jeremy Camperfane, also created a sexually explicit picture of the doctor. Democracy politician. MsBook is a survivor of sexual abuse.

Police allege that Kemper Bean demanded both a $ 5,000 gift card and sexual activity from Book in exchange for not sending photos to conservative media outlets.

According to police records, Mr. Kemperbean said, “I’ll leak the photo to Fox and her career will end.”

Florida Senator Lauren Book

(Florida State Capitol)

Kemper Bean was arrested at Starbucks on Wednesday, November 17th.

The Ms Book was barely noticeable during the investigation. After news of the arrest was released and it became clear that the plan was related to Ms. Book, lawmakers issued a statement admitting the attempted extortion.

“Three weeks ago, I was a victim of ongoing cyber threats, sexual harassment, and blackmail,” the statement said. “I immediately notified law enforcement agencies and worked closely with them to create threatening, fake, stolen images, and other threatening and disturbing images created for threats, intimidation, and blackmail. I started tracking the person responsible for sending the message to my cell phone. “

Investigators were able to capture Kemper Bean by guessing Book’s identity on social media. They began communicating with Mr. Kemperbean and pretended to follow his alleged plot. Undercover investigators asked what he wanted in return for her cooperation.

“I’m here because you turn me on. If you want to pay instead, I can undertake the deal,” he said. It’s not a small amount, so choose the one you like. “

Police reported that the undercover investigator asked, “When will it end?” The man said, “If you send money, it will end.”

He then allegedly agreed to “erase all photos and videos and block numbers” on the gift card and told the agent to “call it a Christmas gift.”

When the agent tried to negotiate the amount, Mr. Kemperbean replied, “I need to persuade,” and said, “3. [oral sex].. “

The agent then offered a face-to-face meeting for $ 4,000, where she deleted her previous image. The meeting was held in Starbucks and Mr. Campelfane was arrested.

According to records, Mr. Campelfane is registered as a Democrat and has no criminal record. He was released on bail of $ 60,000, ordered to have no contact with the victim, and banned from accessing the Internet.

“My family and I are most grateful to law enforcement agencies for their swift action that led to the arrest of one suspect,” Ms. Book said in her statement. “But investigations are active and ongoing to ensure that other individuals who may be behind these serious criminal acts targeting me are arrested and brought to justice.”

A Florida man arrested after threatening to leak a topless photo of a politician

Source link A Florida man arrested after threatening to leak a topless photo of a politician

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