A harsh view of the global future provided by the Intelligence Report

U.S. intelligence officials wrote in a report released Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic deepened economic inequality, squeezed government resources and fueled nationalist sentiment, a dark picture of the future of the world. I’m drawing.

These assessments are included in the Global Trends Report by the Government’s National Intelligence Council. Report every four years helps policy makers and citizens predict the economic, environmental, technical and demographic forces that may shape the world over the next 20 years. It is designed.

This year’s report focuses on the impact of a pandemic: “The most significant and peculiarity that has affected health, economy, politics and security since World War II and will spill over over the years to come. Global turmoil. ”

Countries in different parts of the world set new records on Thursday for COVID-19 deaths and new infectious diseases.


“COVID-19 has shaken long-standing assumptions about resilience and adaptation and created new uncertainties about economics, governance, geopolitics, and technology,” the report said.

This document finds the source of concern in virtually every aspect of life.

For example, it warns that the effects of climate change could exacerbate food and water insecurity problems in poor countries and accelerate global migration. Health, education and household prosperity have made historic improvements over the last few decades, not only due to the effects of pandemics, but also due to “headwinds” due to aging populations and “potentially slowing economic growth.” , It is difficult to maintain that progress.

Technological advances have the potential to address issues such as climate change and illness, but they can also create new tensions, the report said.

“National and non-state rivals compete for leadership and superiority in science and technology, potentially creating a chain of risks and impacts on economic, military and social security,” the report said.


The report also warns of the loss of trust in governments and institutions, and the “trust gap” between the general public and the more informed and educated parts of the population.


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A harsh view of the global future provided by the Intelligence Report

Source link A harsh view of the global future provided by the Intelligence Report

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