A historic rail yard under repair in Punta Gorda

Punta Gouda

The historic buildings damaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017 are breathing new life.

The old rail yard in Punta Gorda was built almost 100 years ago and is funded to repair the damage.

The station building may look like an old building, but its roofs, walls and windows are part of Punta Gorda’s nearly a century history.

“This building really symbolizes Punta Gorda’s past trains. Literally, Punta Gorda exists for our trains,” said Councilor Jaha Cummings.

For Cummings, a citizen of Punta Gorda V, the train garage is an important part of his family’s past.

“One of my ancestors, Dan Smith, was the leader of the research team that actually brought the railroad here,” Cummings explained.

“My grandmother is Bernice Russell. In fact, one of the women who negotiated to actually donate this building, and it’s actually a historic building to protect.” Cummings said.

Hurricane Irma damaged the building and the Punta Gorda Historical Society requested and received a grant of nearly $ 350,000 to make the necessary improvements.

Bob Morgan, project director of Christel Construction, said: Basically, the entire outer envelope of the building protects it. “

Morgan said the improvement was historically accurate because the crew followed strict guidelines.

The Historical Society has tracked the original hardware of the building to maintain its characteristics.

“They are treasures and landmarks,” Morgan said. “So it’s important to be close to our hearts and to preserve these buildings.”

The crew will complete the first phase of construction by the end of summer. The architect is working on a Phase 2 plan.

“This actually reminds us of our connection to Florida’s old past,” Cummings said.

A historic rail yard under repair in Punta Gorda

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