A huge flare erupted from the other side of the sun

Credit: NASA

Earlier this week, the Sun exploded in a huge explosion, blowing solar particles into the millions of kilometers of space. The ESA / NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft team says the blast is the largest red flame eruption ever observed in a single image along with a complete solar disk.

Fortunately for us here on earth, eruption It occurred on February 15, 2022, on the other side of the Sun, opposite our planet.But ESA and NASA predict Geomagnetic storm The area of ​​activity of the sun that causes the blast is facing us, so it will be possible in the next few days.

The event was captured by several spacecraft, including Solar Orbiter and STEREOA.


The sun’s prominence consists of intertwined, structured, red glowing plasma loops. Magnetic force lines Produced by the sun’s internal dynamo. When such a structure becomes unstable and bursts outward to emit plasma, an eruptive uplift occurs.They are often associated with the explosion of charged particles Coronal mass ejections (CME) can cause havoc with our space-based technology when directed to Earth.

Evidence came last week when SpaceX lost up to 40 of the 49 recently launched Starlink Internet satellites after several CME eruptions. The Solar particles It affected the Earth’s atmosphere, so to speak, “inflating” and making it difficult for satellites to maintain orbit. In a statement on February 8, SpaceX said, “The escalation rate and severity of the storm has increased atmospheric resistance by up to 50 percent over previous launches.”

Explainer of sun events and activities. Credit: NASA

The Sun has definitely become more active in the past few months, and this latest event on February 15 has crushed two “Sunglazer” comets approaching the Sun.

SpaceX satellite out of orbit after a solar storm

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A huge flare erupted from the other side of the sun

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