A man dies after biting a bottle of Jaegermeister in 2 minutes

A South African man died after biting an entire bottle of Jaegermeister in two minutes, winning a $ 12 prize as part of a drinking game, and videotaping the last moment.

A 23-year-old man, who wasn’t immediately identified, was competing with other customers at a liquor store in Machamba on Tuesday, according to South African media. Sowetan Live..

“One of them collapsed shortly thereafter and was taken to a local clinic where he was found dead,” Waterval police spokesman Brig Motrafera Mohapello told reporters.

The video shows a man drinking himself until his death in a liquor store competition

Since posted Wednesday morning, the video of a man dropping a bottle of liquor has become viral with nearly 30,000 views, and he gets crowded while other patrons cheer him on. It shows that it is.

According to Mohapello, patrons are said to have entered the contest, and the first person to consume an entire bottle of Jägermeister will earn R200, or about US $ 12.

The man was “paid in his life” at the $ 12 Drinking Contest Award

The commenter said the result was “not interesting at all” and another comment said the man “paid in his life”.

“The worst part of everything … this isn’t fun at all … it was a game that turned out to be all wrong from all directions,” commented one user.

Jaegermeister is a German liquor with a 35% alcohol content, or US 70 proof, but another commenter said that fake Moe and Jaegermeister bottles have recently flooded the area. Said using expired cleaning and cough syrup products.

Dangerous, illegally made alcohol rampant throughout South Africa

News24 reports that one in 4.54 liters of alcohol sold in South Africa is illegally produced, and South Africa’s moonshine market exceeds R2 billion annually, or about US $ 1.2 billion.

“Jagermeister is bottled by the same man who bottled a fake Moët in a box in an abandoned basement on Mooi Street JHB, using a fire hydrant and some expired cleaning / coughing products as a water source. Remember that … All fake liquor, “writes Kerri Briefstreep.

In May, South African police service forces reported the destruction of a fake alcohol factory not far from the liquor store where the man died on Tuesday.

Police later said they had begun investigating his death, but it is unclear if any charges will be filed against the liquor store owner as of Wednesday.

A man dies after biting a bottle of Jaegermeister in 2 minutes

Source link A man dies after biting a bottle of Jaegermeister in 2 minutes

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