A new Greek fire urges evacuation

On August 24, 2009, a woman is sitting on the beach while a firefighting plane is filled with water at a resort in Neamakuri, eastern Athens. The town was evacuated again after the wildfire.

Firefighters said a wildfire broke out in a Greek seaside town northeast of Athens on Monday, burning brushes and pine trees and providing preventative evacuation.

latest fire Greece comes after last month when authorities shook a deadly flame fueled by a heat wave blaming global warming.

About 70 firefighters and 20 vehicles were fighting the flames in the town of Neamakuri, 38 kilometers (24 miles) northeast of the capital, on Monday night, according to a firefighter news agency.

“The fire broke out near Neamakuri’s house at 10:35 pm local time (1935 GMT). Evacuation is recommended as a precautionary measure,” officials told AFP.

A series of catastrophic wildfires killed three people and destroyed more than 100,000 hectares (250,000 acres) in early August, mainly across Greece, mainly northwest of the capital, Euboea and southern Peloponnese. ..

It was also a cruel summer fire season for the belts of Southern European countries, including Spain, Italy, Croatia, France and Cyprus, and the flames also killed Turkey and Algeria.

Scientists warn: Abnormal weather Man-made disasters make severe fires more and more common global warming, And the Greek Prime Minister linked the flames to climate change.

At the summit in Athens on Friday, nine members of the Southern European Union joined the Paris 2015 Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 ° C (34.7 ° F) above pre-industrial levels. We promised a “firm commitment” to the implementation of.

Also on Friday, the United Nations warned that the world is on a “catastrophic” path to heating at 2.7 degrees Celsius because it has not been able to reduce global emissions.

After a temperature above 35 degrees Celsius in parts of Greece over the weekend, it dropped to 32 degrees Celsius on Monday. It is expected to fall further this week.

Village evacuated after a fresh wildfire struck Greece

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A new Greek fire urges evacuation

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