A Quick Guide to Safe, Healthy Vaping

Vaping is far less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that have a negative impact on our bodies, including the heart and lungs. Vaping takes away the risk that these chemicals pose and it is the perfect solution for anyone giving up smoking or looking for a substitute when smoking socially. To get the most from your experience, you want to make sure you choose the right one and you also want to ensure you follow the unwritten etiquette rules.


When using your vape it is important to still maintain etiquette. When smoking cigarettes, you do it in an open space and away from people who don’t smoke. The smoke is an irritant to others and you are exposing them to second hand smoke. With vapes the risks are not the same but you still have to remember that people may not like the smell. Use yours away from other people who don’t vape or don’t want to be exposed to the clouds. This is particularly important when around children as some liquids contain nicotine.

Pay Attention to Nicotine Levels

When using vaporizers to give up smoking, most users substitute traditional cigarettes for oils that contain nicotine. It is essential that you get the level of nicotine you need right. If you are using too much nicotine then your body will not be able to process it properly and you will feel nauseous. If you are using too little nicotine, you will not be substituting your use of cigarettes to a high enough level and you will find it difficult to give them up. If you have not previously used nicotine products, you should use oils that contain zero nicotine.

Buy from a Reputable Retailer

You must ensure that you buy yours from a reputable retailer. As with any product you buy, you do not want it to be inferior or have any potential safety issues and choosing a reputable seller mitigates those risks. If yours is of poor quality, it will not burn your oils or herbs properly and you may have issues with the battery that is potentially dangerous. You can choose from a selection of vaporizers online and get in touch with the retailer if you have any questions.

Be Careful with Your Batteries

Vaporizers contain batteries that allow the oils or herbs to be vaporized. As with any products that contain batteries, you must be careful where you store yours so it does not overheat. You must also be careful when charging your vape. Do not leave it charging overnight while you are asleep. While the risk is small if you use a reputable vaping product, there is still a chance that the battery and charger could overheat and, in the worst cases, this could start a fire. When using, if it is too hot, stop using it for a period of time to allow it to cool down. Safety is key so make sure you read the leaflet and follow all guidelines.





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