A slaughterhouse in South Florida under surveillance after a video showing alleged animal cruelty appeared

Miami-Dade County, Florida – Federal agencies are investigating disturbing graphic videos taken by animal rights groups.

The group is an ARM, or animal recovery mission, and says the footage appears to show an extreme case of animal cruelty at a slaughterhouse in South Florida.

According to the group, a video taken during a sting operation at Mary Ranch’s Matadero Cabrera in 2019 records the improper slaughter of captive animals.

The Northwest Miami-Dade Slaughterhouse is affiliated with the USDA.

Richard Coote is the founder of ARM, a group that calls itself a pioneering research animal welfare organization.

“This all happened in front of USDA investigators,” Couto said. “In the world, how does this happen in front of trained federal inspectors, and sometimes in front of law enforcement agencies?”

Florida Highway Patrol members of the facility told local 10 Christina Basquez that they were contracted by the company to provide off-duty security.

When contacted, an FHP spokesman told Local 10:

“Mary’s Ranch Inc. employs off-duty Florida Highway Patrol personnel to provide security and maintain traffic flow to and from the facility during the holiday season.”

Local 10 requested an interview with the slaughterhouse owner through field soldiers, but refused to talk about the ARM video and related allegations.

The USDA told Local 10 that it had received and investigated ARM videos.

They said the first federal grants for slaughterhouses were in 1997.

Beyond the results of federal regulators and law enforcement launching investigations for Couto, Monday’s press conference is to send consumer warnings during the week when Noche Buena’s roast pork is very popular with locals. It was performed in. He is asking the public to change their purchasing power.

β€œThe only way to change things is not to buy the product,” Couto said. “Will mere arrests change the situation for the public? I’m sure it will, but will closing this place for just a few days of inspection change the situation for the general public?

The people need to come to Cabrera and stop giving their money to this hell hole. This place is run by monsters who don’t care about people’s safety, animal safety, or environmental safety. If you come to Cabrera and stop giving money to the slaughterhouse, the slaughterhouse will be closed that way. It’s so fast that it won’t open again. “

Local 10 also contacted the Miami-Dade County Attorney’s Office regarding the video and allegations. They replied in the following statement:

“Talking to the staff, it seems that I haven’t heard of Mary’s Ranch Matador Cabrera Slaughterhouse. If MDPD is doing an ongoing investigation of this entity, we are not aware of it. MDPD I encourage you to clarify further from. A video from MDPD was presented. This material is currently under review. “-Ed Griffith, Miami-Dade Police Department spokesperson.

In addition, Miami-Dade police said they had already invited ARM to meet with them about the incident and present their findings and relevant documents.

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A slaughterhouse in South Florida under surveillance after a video showing alleged animal cruelty appeared

Source link A slaughterhouse in South Florida under surveillance after a video showing alleged animal cruelty appeared

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