Aaron Hicks asks from the Yankees lineup after being upset by Dante Wright’s police shooting

Dunedin, Florida-Aaron Boone initially had Aaron Hicks in the Monday night lineup, starting from the center and finishing sixth.

But shortly before 4 pm, Hicks approached Boone and said he thought it was best not to play after being upset by what happened in Minneapolis on Sunday night. After traffic stop.

The Twins, in consultation with MLB and local and state officials, have decided to postpone the match against the Red Sox in Target Field to Monday as a result.

“Aaron hurts a lot,” Boone said just over three hours before the match against the Blue Jays at the TD Ballpark on Monday night. “And in a sense, [he] Knowing that he would be hard to play for the New York Yankees, struggling with high stakes and difficult work, he felt probably responsible for getting rid of himself. “”

Mike Torchman started instead of Hicks.

Boone also said he had discussed the incident in Minneapolis before the match with Giancarlo Stanton and Marcus Thames. Stanton was the most outspoken of all the Yankees last summer during the Black Lives Matter protests nationwide in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

Boone said he was “considering” not playing Stanton in his second lineup as a DH, but his decision had not yet been announced an hour before the match.

The online response to Hicks news was quick, with some supporting the center fielder and others not. Boone was as quick as defending his player.

“I don’t even think of two thoughts about it,” Boone said of the criticisms Hicks faced. “My consideration is in Aaron and his well-being, to support him as much as possible and to try to be there as much as possible for him right now. This is to happen soon and it is. It’s a real feeling. He feels, and now I’m going to support it. “

Boone generally described the conversation he had with Hicks when he was out of the lineup.

“I think it was an emotional day for him, of course. I felt like I was having a hard time going out tonight, and I think it’s probably best to remove him from the lineup. “Boon said,” How was it. All I can do is try as hard as I can to provide that support and let him know that I’m here for him. , Just understand his feelings. “

Boone shrugged and said, “It’s life,” when asked about the challenge of balancing the player’s reaction to what happened off the field with the responsibility of managing the team.

“This is our life and very important to us, but the people we come into contact with every day are close together, share a lot, and are essentially family-like,” says Boone. I did. “We all have a family. Life happens. Great times and good times, wonderful days and tragic things happen and affect many people in different ways. You are the best in your life. I try to do and live in the way that sometimes it means to love and support someone through something, but overall, I say it’s part of life. “

Boone, who played 12 seasons in the Big League and retired in 2009, said there have been major changes in the sporting culture regarding players and off-field issues.

“There is no doubt that it has changed a lot in that respect and in a positive way,” Boon said. “I think what’s happening in society and our culture has spilled over into athletics, and of course, these people are gaining more and more platforms to express themselves. Certainly upholds the right to do that. “

Aaron Hicks asks from the Yankees lineup after being upset by Dante Wright’s police shooting

Source link Aaron Hicks asks from the Yankees lineup after being upset by Dante Wright’s police shooting

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