Abnormal reproductive behavior first reported in Tree Frog

Ananas leaf tank amplexus Paranapia hippo Treefrog couple. Credit: Leo R. Malagoli

Paranapia Frog Tree Frog (Bokermannohyla astartea) Leolamos Malagori and colleagues at the University of Estadual Paulista, Brazil, report in an open access journal, mating and spawning in a small puddle in an aquarium of ananas plants PLOS ONE. Next, the 3 cm long tadpoles need to head to the stream to complete development. Published February 17, this study is the first to report this anomalous reproductive strategy in frogs.

For 11 years, researchers have collected data on the courtship behavior, mating, spawning, and tadpole development of this lesser-known species peculiar to the Brazilian Atlantic forest. They observed a male Paranapia hippopotamus tree frog crowing from an Ananas pond (known as a “leaf tank”) on the banks of a stream. Females mated with males in the aquarium and spawned there, but researchers found that tadpoles had not completed their entire development in the aquarium. The authors say that tadpoles from the 26th stage of development onwards are found only in adjacent streams, falling, jumping, or being washed away from tanks, suggesting that they complete their development in large bodies of water. ..

Abnormal reproductive behavior first reported in Tree Frog

Habitat of the species to be surveyed. Credit: Leo R. Malagoli

Many species of frogs mate in reef tanks to provide a safe place away from predators and competitors. However, frogs usually move to ponds and streams to lay eggs, or tadpoles stay in aquariums until they become adults. The unusual development strategy reported for the Paranapia hippopotamus tree frog allows tadpoles to grow in a safe place and escape before the limited food and space in the leaf aquarium runs out. The authors suggest that high summer rainfall in the Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil may have helped develop this unique strategy. This study adds an amazing reproductive diversity of frogs that show the most different reproductive strategies of all four-legged vertebrates.

The author adds:[This paper describes] A new breeding mode for untailed tree frogs recorded in the endemic tree frogs of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. “

Abnormal reproductive behavior first reported in Tree Frog

An adult male who speaks in a tank of ananas leaves. Credit: Leo R. Malagoli

Not too big, not too small — tree frogs choose the right pool

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Malagoli LR, Pezzuti TL, Bang DL, Faivovich J, Lyra ML, Giovanelli J GR, etc. (2021) New reproductive mode of anuran: Natural history of Bokermannohyla astartea (Rana rugosa), including a description of the tadpole and voice repertoire. PLoS ONE 16 (2): e0246401.

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Abnormal reproductive behavior first reported in Tree Frog

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