About NBC’s Pamcast, Trailer, Release Date

True crime lovers have another series looking forward to next month. “About Pam.” Betsy Faria’s 2011 murder will be the subject of an upcoming NBC crime drama series.Starring twice-winning Oscar Renée Zellweger As the convicted murderer Pam Hupp, The Thing About Pam was featured in several episodes of Dateline NBC before becoming a popular podcast in 2019. Follow the real story behind the brutal death.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Faria was found dead in her Missouri house by her husband, Russ, just two days after Christmas. Russ was arrested and convicted, but was finally exonerated after a 2015 retrial, claiming he did not kill his wife. As a result, the investigator turned his attention to Happ again. Two 63-year-old mothers have been sentenced to life imprisonment after being charged with murder in another case. In July, Happ was charged with Faria’s murder and acquitted. She is currently waiting for a trial.

Prior to the show’s premiere, keep reading to get a complete understanding of everything you’ve ever known about The Thing About Pam, including casts, trailers, and release dates.

About NBC’s Pamcast, Trailer, Release Date

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