Above average temperature despite La Niña: United Nations

Abnormal sea surface skin temperature in November 2007 indicating La Niña condition. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

The United Nations said Tuesday that temperatures in many parts of the world are expected to exceed averages in the coming months, despite the cooling effects of the La Niña phenomenon.

The United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said the La Niña phenomenon, which was the last to take control of the world between August 2020 and May this year, is expected to reappear and continue until early 2022. ..

This is said to affect temperature and precipitation, but despite the normal cooling effects of this phenomenon, temperatures could remain above average in many places.

“The cooling effect of the La Niña phenomenon in 2020/2021 is usually felt later in the event, which means that 2021 will be one of the warmest decades on record, not the warmest year. We will, “said WMO Chief Petteri Taalas. In the statement.

“This is a short rest, not reversing the long-term warming trend or reducing the urgency of climate change measures.”

La Niña refers to the massive cooling of the surface temperature of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific every two to seven years.

This effect has widespread impact on the world’s weather. It usually has the opposite effect of the El Nino phenomenon and has the effect of warming. Earth temperature..

However, WMO warns: global warming It helps to exacerbate and distort the effects of such natural phenomena.

UN agencies said there was a 90 percent chance of tropical Pacific waters Surface temperature There is a moderate 70-80% chance of staying at the La Niña level until the end of 2021 and staying at the La Niña level until the first quarter of 2022.

Many lands were expected to look up-Average temperatureUnusually warm winters are expected in the northern and northeastern parts of Asia, and the Arctic Circle.

Temperatures were projected to be above average in eastern and southeastern North America, most of Europe, and northeastern Asia.

Even near Equatorial Africa, including Madagascar, which has already been hit by drought, which is believed to be facing the world’s first climate change-induced famine, higher than normal temperatures were expected.

WMO said it was predicted to be abnormally moist in parts of Southeast Asia and northern South America, but unusually dry below the equator in South America and in parts of South Asia and the Middle East. rice field.

The La Niña climate cycle may reappear in 2021: United Nations

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Above average temperature despite La Niña: United Nations

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