According to researchers, Minecraft builds can be used to teach almost any subject

Bart Simon (left) and Darren Wershler: “High school, college, and college level educators can use these principles and tools to teach a variety of in-game subjects.” Credits: Concordia University.

Due to its immense popularity, Minecraft (the best-selling video game in history) has not been highly regarded among the snob classes in the gaming world. The graphics are blocky and don’t make much sense. For children.

But according to millions of users, including some Concordia faculty and students, Minecraft’s adaptability is its strength. Unrestricted and easily modifiable, this game can be used in a variety of ways, including game-based teaching methods. At a time when classrooms needed to pivot online with little warning or preparation time, the realm of Minecraft has provided educators with a huge sandbox for playing, experimenting, and teaching.

A new paper published in the journal gamevironments by Darren Wershler, an English associate professor, and Bart Simon, an associate professor of sociology and director of Culture and Technology, Concordia’s Mileux Institute for Arts, is for Wershler to teach classes using Minecraft. Explains how it was used in modern history and culture. The course is entirely based within the game server, and instructions, communication within the class, and course work were performed almost exclusively in the Minecraft world and the messaging app Discord. This new pedagogical framework provided researchers with the opportunity to see how students used the game to achieve their academic goals.

“This course is neither a video game research course nor a gamed version of the modernity course,” explains Wershler, Chair of Research at Tier 2 Concordia University in Media and Contemporary Literature. “It’s the other thing that sits in the middle of discomfort and hits both. Learning comes from trying to think about these two things at the same time.”

Familiar concepts, new learning

Students quickly adapted to their own classrooms and had little time to adapt to the new learning environment. Some have taken the time to teach unfamiliar peers how to mine resources, build houses, plant food, and survive the wave of hostile zombie and skeleton attacks. Others weren’t usually aware that they were born leaders, but they were answering questions and providing guidance because of their proficiency in the game.

The students finally decided Group project It was created in the world of Minecraft and touched on the issue of modernity addressed in Wershler’s 30-minute podcast lecture and reading. One group sought to recreate Moshe Safdie’s futuristic Habitat 67. This fits perfectly with the aesthetics of Minecraft, Wershler said. Another group built the entire working city (where Minecraft villagers live), modeled after the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo.

Instead of using the creative mode that many educators prefer, the game was set to a more difficult survival mode, so students were often killed by looting enemies. Researchers have downloaded a fix made by fans to enhance the game as they chose. However, the mods made the gameplay more unstable and more prone to crashing at the wrong time.

“It was important that the game remained a game and all these horrifying things happened to come out of the wilderness and kill them while the students were working on the project,” Wershler says. “This makes them think about the fact that what they are doing requires effort and the possibility of failure is very real.”

Adaptive build

He admits that he was delighted and surprised at how well his students adapted to the parameters of the course designed in collaboration with 12 other interdisciplinary researchers at Concordia. Wershler has been using Minecraft in his courses since 2014 and has found this approach to be a scaffolding for new styles of education.

“Educator high schoolAt the college level, these principles and tools can be used to teach different subjects in the game, “he says. , Cultural studies or sociology. There are countless ways to structure it to make it work. ”

Teaching economics using squid games

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Quote: According to researchers (February 22, 2022) obtained from https: // on February 22, 2022, almost all Minecraft builds Can be used to teach the subject

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According to researchers, Minecraft builds can be used to teach almost any subject

Source link According to researchers, Minecraft builds can be used to teach almost any subject

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