Accountants testify that they saw the president of Honduras receive a bribe

New York – Honduras accountants felt their lives were at stake after witnessing two meetings on Tuesday when a alleged drug trafficker bribed President Juan Orlando Hernandez. He testified that he had escaped from Honduras.

At both meetings, the subject was “protection and drug receipt,” said Jose Sanchez, a pseudonym prosecutor used to protect him. The accountant said that one time Hernandez was given $ 10,000 and another time $ 15,000.

The accountant said she felt scared to see Hernandez and the drug trafficker sitting at the same table. “I was looking at candidates for a presidential meeting with drug traffickers,” he said.

The alleged drug trafficker was Geovanny Fuentes Ramírez, who was in the second week of his trial in New York. The Hernandez name reappeared in court as US prosecutors continued to claim that his political rise was promoted by drug traffickers.

In addition to the two payments he witnessed, the accountant testified that Hernandez had repeatedly arrived at the company by helicopter, receiving a monthly payment of 250,000 lempira, about $ 10,000. The payment was for his campaign, the accountant said.


Hernandez received $ 15,000 at the first meeting allegedly witnessed by an accountant. It happened at a roundtable in the office of Huad Jarfe, the owner of Graneros Nacionales in Choloma, north of San Pedro Sula. The accountant said Fuentes Ramirez said when he offered Hernandez money “to help you in the campaign.”

The accountant counted the money while Hernandez was looking at his cell phone. Hernandez preferred cash, the accountant said.

“We won’t be touched,” said Hernandez, in a retelling of the accountant. Hernandez is also said to have said, “He intended to push the drug into Gringo’s own nose, and they didn’t even make it happen.”

Hernandez won her first term as president in 2013 and took office in January 2014. Prior to that, he chaired the Honduras Parliament.

Hernandez has not been charged and has repeatedly denied cheating.

Fuentes Ramirez was arrested in Florida in March 2020. He has been charged with drug trafficking and possession of weapons.


In the accountant’s testimony, the telephone line that allowed out-of-court people to hear the proceedings for pandemic reasons was cut off at the request of the prosecutor. They were afraid that someone could recognize his voice.

The man was an accountant at the US company Graneros Nacionales.

Accountants testified that drug transfers would be carried out with the help of the military and police.

He said the meeting with Hernandez was recorded by a security camera in the company’s office.

At another meeting in the office of the company, which Fuentes Ramirez was not present, Hernandez boasted of sucking money from Honduras’ social security system, accountants testified.

Convicted drug trafficker Davis Leonel Rivera Maladiaga (former leader of the Cachiros cartel) said on Monday that Hernandez was at the airport of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro when Fuentes Ramirez received the drug from Colombia at the airports of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro. He testified that he had told him in prison that he had photos and videos. Surah.


Last week, Rivera Maladiga testified that politicians paid Hernandez $ 250,000 to protect her from arrest in 2012, when she was the leader of the Honduras parliament.

Kevin Castel, the same judge in the case, will rule on Hernandez’s brother Tony Hernandez next week. He was convicted of drug trafficking in 2019.

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Accountants testify that they saw the president of Honduras receive a bribe

Source link Accountants testify that they saw the president of Honduras receive a bribe

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