Activists gather to save Buunni coffee in Riverdale, Bronx

Riverdale, The Bronx (WABC)-The Ethiopian coffee shop in the Bronx has become the center of calls for help to save small businesses that are on the verge of closure during a pandemic.

The owner of Buunni Coffee states that it must be closed by the end of January as it cannot meet the landlord’s rent requirements.

Activists are calling on state and city lawmakers to pass legislation that has already been proposed to help businesses like Buuni survive.

“SMEs faced serious problems before COVID, and now the pandemic has pushed us to the limit,” said Sarina Prabasi, co-founder of Buunni Coffee. “It’s not about one business. It’s only a matter of time to create bold and comprehensive support for the smallest businesses and employees. We deal with years of inequality and compete. There is an opportunity to level and invest in neighboring areas. In the long run, but this requires courage and political will from our elected representatives. “

Rally participants said Buuni has been an important part of the neighborhood, a center of local activity, art and music for the past three years.

“Across the city, including the Bronx, immigrant-owned SMEs (such as Buni Coffee) have become one of the biggest victims of the COVID-19 pandemic and have closed at an alarming rate,” said Senator Gustavolibella. It was. “Federal inaction puts hard-working business owners like Mr. Prabashi at risk of losing their livelihoods, and our provinces are at risk of a more serious economic crisis. I am a local leader and Joining Riverdale residents and calling on local governments to fill the void Leave Washington enacts legislation to help businesses like Buuni Coffee stay open and successfully recover from this unprecedented crisis To do. “

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Activists gather to save Buunni coffee in Riverdale, Bronx

Source link Activists gather to save Buunni coffee in Riverdale, Bronx

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